Thursday, August 24, 2006

Philippine Politics In The Eyes of A Common Man

In the end, it was after all, a numbers game. Conscience and truth had been sent to the sidelines as the "TRAPOS" in congress drove the final nail on the Second Impeachment. Though obviously outnumbered, thirty-two unfazed representatives fought with youthful idealism, the nation's clamor for truth. The "TRAPOS" voted as usual not for what is right but for how much their pockets can hold. Defend as they might, their vote, to the discerning Filipino, its all about power and money. They used every trick they can employ to cover for, or should I say, to lawyer for the beleaguered pretender in the palace.

Such is the case with Philippine Politics. Its no wonder the dinosaurs in congress refuse to accept that even politics is evolving. They would do anything to keep this evolution from coming to age. Political debt, consideration and accommodation has been the norm and this is precisely why our country has stagnated and even regressed politically. Public service and public trust has been thrown out the window when these traitors tasted power. I can imagine our "genuine" heroes turning in their graves as all their sacrifices are wasted by these "TRAPOS".

Politics to me is an advocacy. Its not to be treated as a form of business where one expects to be monetarily rewarded but as something you do from the heart. I may sound cynical but how else can you define public service? Its something you do because you care. Through the years, our politicos lost sight of what service means. And with that, so did the pride of serving the people. There are still true public servants in our midst but sad to say, they cannot be found in congress nor in Malacañang. Its no wonder why those who truely want to serve the people stay out of politics. They wouldn't want to be infected by the kind of politicos we now have. But there are still a choice few who continue to fight against the rotten system that is in place. And these individuals we must keep in office.

People are desperate for change, but change can only be effected if we have a genuine cleansing of our politics. Its not about what form of government we have but what kind of people serve in government. We must throw out this breed of politicians who portray themeselves as servants and yet lord over the constituencies they represent. Representatives only by title, they hold hostage their constituents with hollow promises. All they cared about was getting themselves in office and then use the people as bargaining chips to futher their personal ambitions.

Such is the case with the pretender in the palace. She continues to dangle the promise of eternal power to our corrupt politicians. Who wouldn't support an idea like that, just imagine the wealth they'll gain and the power they'll wield. With the proposed unicameral sytem, they can get away with anything. With a clear majority, opposition will be reduced to an inconsequential participant. Our courts reduced to nothing and check and balances will be non-existent.

To my simple mind, this is what Philippine Politics is all about. Its about power, wealth and ambition. Gone were the days when Filipinos thought more of Filipinos. Now its personal gain and forget the constituents. They can always hoodwink the people to elect them again to office.

Its about time we put a stop to this malpractice and abuse of the simple people. We have about eight months to go before elections. We must take note of what our representatives have done for us during their term. We must check if they have really kept their covenant with us, the voter. Its imperative for us to know how they represented us in congress and if they have been just and true. Its every Filipino's right to make each and every politician accountable as we are their masters and they, our servants.