Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Day the Circus Came to Town

The Impeachment hearings has begun. Knowing too well the public's will to know the truth, the lower house has limited media coverage of the proceedings. Some suggested that those who benefited from the Fertilizer Fund Scam inhibit themselves from the hearings to remove any cloud of doubt. The minority headed by Escudero welcomed the suggestion. Of course the majority plainly shrugged this off. The Justice Committee unanimously voted down the attempt to consolidate all the complaints except the one filed by the Hyatt 10 (5 if you think like Defensor and the gang), Black and White Movement and duly endorsed by Noynoy Aquino and the Liberal Party.

Datumanong has forecasted that the hearing will be finished in 6 to 7 sessions. Whoa! They intend to stretch this "show" for another five sessions? Nice touch, the longer it takes, the more "graces" will flow their way. Recall how those who accommodated Malacanang's call to "move on" were showered with projects and additional pork. And while the majority laughed their hearts off, the opposition got what Mike Defensor said they deserved, "NOTHING". Forget about their constituents who needed their CDFs. So its either you're with me or you'll get nothing policy that the palace is now practicing. Those who benefited from that circus last year justified their action using their constituents as shield. I wonder what their reason would be this time despite the overwhelming calls by the public to find out the truth.

Malacanang's asserts that the impeachment will not prosper this year as the opposition still lacks the number. The opposition even lost the support of Paras who seemed to have ridden on the impeachment last year to earn publicity points. Now we see some of the old faces in the opposition still sticking it out despite losing out on the palace's incentives. This is what we call conviction and representing the true feelings of their constituents. Regardless of how the majority tries to picture them, they continue to be the thorn in Malacannang's side and the defenders of truth.

In a democracy, we the people, are the true masters of these "clowns" este politicians. Our true sentiments is what they should express and represent. They accuse us however of trivializing the impeachment, we are not the ones acting in a zarzuela but the dumb actors in congress. While we take this matter seriously, the majority bloc continues to waylay the process through prejudicial questions and technicalities which are applicable only when it suits them. How convenient isn't it?

While the lower house has many clowns and political acrobats in their midst, the palace has many "jugglers". But we'll discuss these jugglers some other time. Its been a year since the circus came to town, lets see what they have in store for us this year.