Thursday, August 17, 2006

Political Dinosaurs

What we witnessed yesterday at the digusting halls of congress, was a how dirty politics can be. We saw political dinosaurs butting heads with younger, more idealistic representatives. It was a show of what we could call the realities of envelopemental politics. Leah Navarro of Black and White Movement however pulled a fast one and gave these dinosaurs what is due them, a slap on the face. The "Kuwarta o Kahon" and waving the "White Envelopes" was a masterstroke that struck the nerves of the guilty. A coup de grace that sunk the mammoths and sent them scurrying to the inner chambers of the low(est)er house.

Skirting all issues, the senile and deaf dinosaurs defended to the last centavo, their beloved pretender. Voting 56-24, the House Committee on (in)Justice junked for lack of substance, the people's bid to impeach the pretender. It will now be sent to the plenary to finally bury for the second time, the truth which the people had been asking for.

As promised, the majority bloc delivered the murdered impeachment on a platinum platter to her majesty the queen of the (dis)Enchanted Kingdom. And mind you, just this time, they are ahead of schedule. Yeah, just kill the damn impeachment whatever it takes. Never mind the truth. We saw yesterday, a glimpse of how the parliament they want would work. No accountability, never mind the people as long as they are all happy.

Their next move now is to push her Legions, who are many, to get the Cha-Cha train moving again. This they have to do ASAP to avoid having elections next year. To have one could spell the doom for the pretender. Early projection by some quarters predict the senate to be composed mainly opposition and the house to usher in about 80 new purely opposition congressmen. This could definitely turn the tide against her when she faces another impeachment in '07. The pretender may opt to declare martial law should her Legions fail in their Cha-Cha bid. But this could be costly and might awaken the sleeping society. This would be the last option the administration may take. So starting today, they will apply all constitutional means to advance their goals with utmost haste. Let us be vigilant for we are dealing with an entity with supernatural powers (especially in the use of the "magic white envelopes").

Old style politics, its been used before to further one's agenda. These old dinosaurs would surely fade away and history will judge them for their lack of integrity and conviction. Dinosaurs they all are, with pea-sized brains that only know one thing, survive at all cost. They would rather have a fuller pocket than an immaculate heart. Old school politics isn't it?