Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Little Slice of Human Sensitivity

Since the repatriation of our OFWs began, I've been hearing this line from so many migrant workers and the general public as well: "Hindi naman sila OWWA member, bakit kailangan silang gastusan ng OWWA?"

I am appalled and flabbergasted by this statement. In a human crisis like Lebanon, we must forget how much money one gave or the apparent lack of it. I have been paying my taxes but you will never hear me complain when an indigent asks the government for help despite the fact that he has never contributed anything to the social fund. Right to life is a basic human right and so is employment. It does not say in the constitution that only taxpayers are entitled to any social service nor does it say that only taxpayers have the right to live.

Its no wonder why we as a country is so divided. Its not the system that's destroying us but the lack of human sensitivity and social concern. This is the sad reality why we will never progress as a nation. Many of these undocumented OFWs have given up so much. Aside from paying more just to land a job abroad, they don't have the security/protection and the same salary as the documented ones enjoy. This is the time when our migrant workers must unite, regardless whether they are legal or illegal. They must see and treat themselves as one and the same, they are both Filipino Migrant Workers. The "O" in OFW does not stand for OWWA member.

All I ask is a little slice of human sensitivity, a little understanding. To descriminate against another just because you paid $25 is and never will be justified especially in the other's time of need. Let's not be selfish but instead try to understand the circumstances why one has to resort to illegal means just to work abroad. Try to put yourself in their situation and you will be very thankful that unlike him, you don't have to beg. You both have the same goal, to offer your loved ones a little comfort in life. Don't let a mere $25 membership be the gauge for one's right to enjoy life.