Friday, August 04, 2006

Magsumbong Kaya Si Tulfo?

Last Wednesday saw a different side of Ramon Tulfo. Together with his three brothers, Ben, Erwin, and Raffy, Reeling from his show's recent cancellation, Mon threw harrassment accusations at Mike Arroyo. He decried Mike's influence peddling to get back at him.

A few months back, Mon wrote about the smuggling activities of Vicky and Tomas Toh. This led to their falling out. Once the staunchest defender of Mike, Mon is now on a rampage. Vicky Toh first hit the limelight during the Jose Pidal controversy that saw Iggy Arroyo's rise to "stardom".

What could have sparked this "lovers quarrel" which some speculate could turn ugly and put the presidency in an awkward and precarious situation. Some say that Mon knows too much about Mike's activities that he could do a Chavit. But the palace simply shrugged this off saying that Mon's assertions offered no evidence to link Mike Arroyo to any illegal activities. Mike Defensor urged the two former friends to just put things aside and reconcile, afterall they have been friends for quite some time.

Now, certain sectors are saying that the only noble thing to do, is for the Tulfo brothers to spill the beans and expose everything they know about Mike Arroyo. Bayan suggested that they turn witnesses and testify in the impeachment. Ellen Tordesillas suggest we sit back and relax and let's entertain ourselves with this unfolding drama.

The Million Dollar question is, "MAGSUMBONG KAYA SI TULFO?" Your guess is as good as mine.