Friday, August 04, 2006


With the returning OFWs from Lebanon, the administration is embarking on a new program to do a makeover ala Fab Five to boost our OFWs and make them more viable to employment abroad. From domestic helper to SUPERMAID.

The lead agancy will be TESDA which will give additional "technical training" to our OFWs. Their training will include English Proficiency, First Aid and other skills that will further enhance their skills and qualifications in doing their domestic chores. That's according to the pretender in the palace who in a roundtable discussion with her labor related department heads talked about her plans.

Nothing bad about the whole thing except that we're back to square one. Obviously, the administration had failed in its job-generation program. Almost 10% of our current population are migrant workers and that does not include the undocumented ones. The sad state of our economy which continues to pull families apart in the name of the mighty dollar which keeps our sagging economy afloat.

As far as the administration is concerned, they will continue to send our people to seek employment abroad. Its obvious and the administration cannot deny it, we need the dollar remittances of these OFWs. The continuing plight of our OFWs have fallen on deaf ears and even our domestic labor force is wanting in much needed reforms.

The OWWA is reportedly collecting $25 per OFW every year. This does not stop there as there are still more fees collected by various government agencies such as the DFA and POEA. After breaking there backs to help the country, more often than not, they are left to fend for themselves except when our officials are harassed into taking some action. Just like this Lebanon debacle were the government only started to work when hit from all sides by the disgusted sectors of society in their apparent lack of concern for the wellbeing of our countrymen.

The sad reality of it all, regardless of whatever training our OFWs get, their job description will be that of DOMESTIC HELP and not as SUPERMAIDS. So whatever renaming or window-dressing this pretender may do, nothing will change the way their employers would see them. They will never be known as SUPERMAIDS but just DOMESTIC HELP with additonal skills.