Monday, April 02, 2007

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Many have wondered and some have even offered explanations on how Gloria has managed to stay in power. There is only one answer to the question that has baffled the nation. Plain and simple BRIBERY. Never have a country seen bribery on such a grand scale. Its no surprise why the Asian region found us to be the most corrupt country.

From top to bottom, the bureaucracy is tainted by this epidemic sowed by the highest official of the land. With impunity, the nation's coffers have been raided time and again to shower those who showed loyalty to the queen. While the people scavenge for scraps, the lapdogs rejoice in their new found wealth. Institutions and individuals continue to be bought through fees and taxes exacted from the people.

As long as you play the rules of the game, one can land a position no matter how incompetent that person is. The fattened cows now know what it takes to get more "blessings". With money and positions flowing like a river, they are lining up to lick the queen's ass.

Notice how she creates offices to accommodate her minions? She even duplicates agencies to make sure everybody's happy. She fries the small fish to show she's doing something about corruption but lets the sharks go unpunished. To make sure she stays in power, she allows the AFP to abuse the populace. Even the UN nor the international community cannot touch her. Her little kingdom is growing thanks to her mercenaries in congress and in the military. . Corrupt generals are only too eager to retire, assured that they can continue their criminal acts in their civilian offices. Loyal officials are given juicy projects to fill their pockets with commissions. They are bribed with taxes we pay through blood, sweat and tears.

In this country, crime pays. Here, criminals become public officials. They feed on poverty and thrive on apathy. They are SCAVENGERS OF MISERY. Those who go against the system are silenced. Others are incarcerated for their ideals. Now you see why our officials and the military continue to flock to the palace by the murky river. Like happy customers, their SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!