Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Saving Up For Election Day - The Local Scene

We never see infrastructure going up until the few months before an election. For almost three years, our officials would hold back development in our areas. Diggings and other projects would suddenly rain on us just before the start of any election period. Even good roads are dug up and waiting sheds spring up like mushrooms.

To an expecting, taxpaying constituent, we would like a continuous development. But after being elected, any form of development would come in trickles. For the next two and a half years, cities, districts and towns deal with potholes, poor health service, uncollected trash and many more.

From time to time, these officials pave a street or two but that's about it. Christmas, Valentine's and graduation are their favorites. Weeks before these days, you will see their ugly faces plastered on streamers, greeting us. But boy, when elections are just around the corner, money starts flowing. You will see them mingling with the voters. You will see them in different churches and prayer rallies. You will even see them attending school programs or even buying stuff from our markets. You will

These zombies wake up when the media starts reporting about them. They'll suddenly get their fat asses off their expensive chairs and spring into action. Then they'll go back to their usual routine, sitting and thumbing their noses and waiting for the next opportunity to make "pa-pogi".

Come May 14, these bozos will be at mercy. For the past two years, we've seen how they work. Let's remember those who really served us. Let's remember those who did not take advantage of their position. Let's remember those whose faces we never saw on streamers. Let's remember those who worked quietly and never announced that he constructed a shed, a court or a playground.

Make a list of what your, governor, mayor, councilor and congressman has done for you, their "BOSS". On May 14, let's get rid of the TRAPO who remembers us only when there are elections. We don't need decorations in our local offices, what we need are public servants.