Saturday, April 14, 2007

Battle Of The Fronts?

Ever since Akbayan representative Etta Rosales exposed "bogus" party-lists, it got me thinking. While Esperon and the Neo-cons cry the Reds are coming, the administration is sending its fronts to war. The AFP with Malacañang's blessing is now doing a demolition job on left-leaning groups. The AFP is not shy about their operations against these groups and even deployed military units in Metro Manila.

In the spirit of reconciliation, the Aquino administration and even the '87 constitution extended the hands of peace to the communist insurgents and invited them to take their fight in the realm of mainstream politics. FVR for his part welcomed the development as a way of attaining peace. Thus the Party-lists were born. Now the plight of the marginalized, long forgotten by society is being given a voice in congress.

But when GMA stole the reins of power from Erap, the purging of the left began. Like Marcos, she allowed the military to act with impunity. And for every leftist killed, she praised them to high heavens. Now they opened a new front in the name of survival. The administration is buying and sending its allies to congress. Forget about representation, what is imperative now is the GMA's survival.

With the surveys going against the administration even in the local level, They must have the numbers come impeachment day. The opposition is clearly gaining the upper hand. Two options are available to them, to cheat or to create fronts. They know that the battle will be fought in the lower house and they need all the support they can get. With this in mind, they followed their communist theory and created their own party lists. Never mind who the nominees are, their friendly COMELEC will be there to protect them.

Isn't there a law about government employees/agencies engaging politics? But the COMELEC's brilliant(?) commissioners saw otherwise. They now say that nominees are non-issues, what is important is the party itself. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry can land a seat in congress. Even the provision which states that a nominee should come from the ranks of the marginalized is circumvented. What is worse, the COMELEC did not even lift a finger and accepted the nominees wholesale.

Now, the marginalized is being abused by these hoodlums. The mangling of the law has prostituted its essence of the system. Now even convicted criminals are being used to resurrect the political career of a pedophile. Doctors and vice mayors can now represent tricycle drivers. Hell, even under secretaries and directors can run for a seat. And they are not ashamed to admit that they are connected in some way with the government. The OFWs with their massive political clout is being represented by a son of the PAGCOR chairman. Wow naman talaga, the blatancy of how they intend to achieve their goal is appalling.

The Ang Ladlad which hoped to represent the third sex was not accredited by the COMELEC based on "technicality". This is despite the overwhelming number of their members throughout the country. The PEP Coalition who wishes to fight for the rights of parents and children hoodwinked by powerful and wealthy individuals was first accredited only to later recall its accreditation. Now the PEP Coalition is in limbo and is appealing its case. The COMELEC in 2001 was so strict with the requirements to be met, it has made a 180 degree turn to accommodate the whimsical caprice of the administration and let its allies run. Nominees were simply accepted regardless of their background.

The administration is in survival mode. And this is the only reason why they must win at all cost. They have abused the peace-loving Filipino. They have curtailed our rights and have refused to face the issues. This election is crucial if we want true democracy to prevail. Let's not allow these bogus party-lists to gain a single seat. To give them one is like accepting that the Filipino can be bought.