Friday, March 30, 2007

11 Hour Circus: With Chavit As The Clown

A supposed to be tense and life-threatening hostage situation turned into a circus and a tourist attraction. Armando Ducat held hostage the other day, 26 students (from his own daycare center) and 4 teachers. Armed with a pistol, an Uzi and two grenades, he pointed out the ineptness and corruption in government and the insensitivity of our politicians.

With how close the media and bystanders posted themselves to the hijacked bus, one would wonder who was in control. The vaunted PNP crowd control was nowhere in sight. (They were to busy securing the empress) With every passing minute, the entire situation turned from a nightmare into a circus. Sen. Bong Revilla entered the scene and defied the SOP for a hostage situation. He was asked by Ducat to come over. Well, he is somehow related to Ducat being a godfather of one of his children. He was able to secure the release of a feverish kid.

What is suspect and revealed by Ducat himself is the appearance of Team Unity's Chavit Singson. Obviously taking advantage of the situation (media exposure and pa-pogi effect), he entered the bus just before Ducat was set to release the hostages. Many speculated that Chavit was in it all along but was later debunked by Ducat. According to Ducat, he never asked for Chavit. Chavit according to Ducat entered the bus and refused to leave.

Ducat even said that he is against corruption and its impossible for him to call Chavit. He even said NO TO CORRUPTION and NOT TO VOTE FOR CHAVIT. He added that he will not allow himself to be used by any politician and that Chavit did not help him but it is he who may have even helped Chavit. Chavit now insinuates that someone is pressuring Ducat to make these statements. This guy really doesn't give up.

Chavit is once again in hot water as he distributed P500 to the hostages. The COMELEC will be looking into this new case. He asserts that Ducat asked him to do this. Chavit's antics may work in his turf in Ilocos, such is not the same in the national scene. He is now displaying the stuff he is made of, a trapo. A trapo whose only credential to back him up are the 3Gs, guns, goons and gold.

Well, Chavit's stunt backfired on him. He is now being ridiculed by all. His ratings will definitely be affected. Not for the good as he wanted but will even be worse. This is what happens to people who think they can hoodwink the people.

Whose statements would you believe now? Chavit's or the Ducat who said he hates corruption? Now we know who the real clown is.