Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ouch! Ouch! It Burns, It Burns!

Talks have been going around this past days about the latest Genuine Opposition ads being aired on ABS-CBN. I have seen the ads and only the guilty would cry foul. The ads focus on the corruption that pervades in our institutions. The GO did not mince words and that stopping corruption is included in their platform. I must say that the ads hit the nail on the head. Every Filipino knows it is happening and how rampant corruption is.

Now, the administration is up in arms and is threatening to sue the execs of ABS-CBN and the Genuine Opposition's campaign team. The administration said that the GO should stick to the issues and refrain from politicking. But isn't corruption the root of our country's woes? Isn't it a legitimate issue and not mere political mudslinging?

I also do not agree that these allegations are baseless and are raised merely to discredit an already discredited regime. What is funny though, even the international community had taken notice of the huge problem of corruption besetting the country and that the administration still denies the problem exists. The administration is definitely irked as the ads hit home. The truth hurts and this had the administration going to their usual defense, LIBEL.

ABS-CBN is now being singled out as GMA-7 rejected to air the GO ads. I could only ask myself why? Could pressure be the reason or is someone in GMA-7 protecting Gloria? Hmmmm, this could get interesting. One thing is sure, the heat is definitely being felt by the administration. And its actuations only makes matters worse. The opposition is pushing the right buttons and is forcing the administration to take the easy way out, repress the truth with absurdities.

Since the beginning of the campaign, the administration has been harping on the growing economy and how its winning the battle against corruption. They have employed every dirty trick in the book to derail the campaign of its detractors. Even the AFP has been called in to make sure of that. Now that everything is out in the open, they simply cannot take the heat.

Platforms are based on issues. Issues that must be addressed. One cannot exist without the other. You cannot create a platform without considering the issues. Now they cry foul in a game they started and which rules they themselves created. Well, it backfired on them. It has burned them and burned them quite deep. Playing with fire can really hurt and all they can say for now, is OUCH!

UPDATE: GMA-7 as of April 16, finally ran the GO campaign ad. I was able to catch only one version and I'm not sure if they will be airing the other three versions.