Monday, April 09, 2007

Antonio F. Trillanes, IV - A Ray Of Hope

Despite his role in the Oakwood Mutiny, Sonny Trillanes seems to be holding his own. Incarcerated for the past three years, he never wavered and has stuck to his ideals. While most of his compatriots have turned tail, he never broke and is now becoming a force to reckon with.

How does he do it? The answer is plain and simple, the people see themselves in him. The purity of his intentions might just carry him to the halls of the senate. The administration may call him a rebel, but to the ordinary man, he is someone they can rely on to fight for their rights. To the administration, he is an outlaw. But how can an illegitimate regime justify that?

What Sonny lacks in campaign funding, he makes up with integrity and charisma. Integrity is what he can offer. This is the reason why he still has a shot in the senate race despite the administration's efforts to ruin his name. Can the likes of Chavit, Defensor and even Joker match his integrity? I don't think so, Trillanes has more integrity than the entire slate of Team Unity combined. Joker may claim that he is a protector of human rights, but he would never touch any Arroyo. He may not have the numerous ads Pichay and Defensor have, but the mouths of Filipinos carry his name. Never have I seen a campaign run by mere volunteerism. His funding comes from people who believe in him. They come from different walks of life and are only too willing to give him their support. He rejected a gambling lord's offer of financial aid. Can Chavit match that?

Esperon is nothing compared to him. He commands more respect than this human rights violator. This is the reason why Esperon would move heaven and earth to keep him in jail. Esperon is envious of what Trillanes has accomplished. Even several months of solitary confinement did not lessen Sonny's resolve. He cannot be bought and does not have to be a lapdog to anyone.

Integrity, charisma and a pure heart, this is what Trillanes has. Traits like these can never be discounted nor ignored. People can easily associate themselves with him. He represents every ideal the people aspire for. He stands for the reforms we all seek. His methods may have been harsh but every man can only take so much. His actions should have awakened us to the reality that nothing will ever get done by just watching from the sidelines. He showed us that there can never be compromises in achieving our goals. Antonio Trillanes is his own man.

Ellen Tordesillas had requested me to share with you the modest way Sonny Trillanes reaches out to you, the Filipino people. Due to lack of funds, his supporters prepared a short clip for his campaign. You may view his ads HERE and HERE.