Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lenten Hypocrisy

I know its Lent, but I just couldn't let this pass. As if we haven't been suffering enough, GMA now asks the Filipinos to sacrifice this Lent to save the nation from from disunity and poverty. She also appealed to stop the bickering and hopes for enlightenment. Well, she would like us to distinguish truth from false promises.

She added, that we should carry our cross to save our country from poverty and conflict, to remove anger and hate from our hearts. She asks us to be generous in giving service to our fellowman. She wants us to use our faith to foster love and unity and that with should emulate Jesus Christ.

Look who's talking! What more can the Filipino give when she and her minions have nearly drained our last ounce of strength? She has the temerity to appeal for a cessation of bickering when her parrots have been talking non-stop. How can our nation unite when she drives a wedge between classes and sectors of society? Oh, we all know truth from lies and that is the reason why nobody believes her anymore.

We've been giving not only service but even our lives for our countrymen. We've been there whenever calamities hit our provinces. We've been donating to different causes and NGOs. Our doctors have been giving free treatment to the impoverished. We've been paying our taxes. We all know how to sacrifice for our people. Our OFWs have been sending their hard-earned dollars to prop up our economy.

You continue to fatten your minions and let the nation go hungry. You persecute and kill those who oppose you. You divert funds to your loyal subjects to repay your political debts and neglect social services. Now you ask more from us? You never suffered. You never had to worry about your next meal. You have a very good life.

We all understand the true meaning of Lent. Its you, madame who should do all you ask from us. You should look in the mirror and ask yourself, what have I done for my people? We've all been doing our part, except you. You are the reason for the mess we are in. Yet you continue to ask but you never give.

My Lenten message to you madame: "PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH"