Monday, April 23, 2007

State Of Dementia

I thought that after calling Julia Campbell careless and irresponsible, DoJ unconfirmed secretary Raul Gonzalez has had his fill. I was so wrong. As I listened to Pinky Webb interview him this morning, he dared his detractors to walk that same path Julia took. He added that he is sure no one would dare.

So despite the public uproar regarding his comments, he is remorseless of what he said. Instead of apologizing to the mourning family, he puts up a challenge to everyone. This guy is insane. Only people whose sanity had escaped them could not discern between what is proper or uncalled for. He has no sensitivity and his callous behavior shows what he is made of.

How can he dispense justice if he blames the victim than persecute the offender? He obviously is unfit to hold the position of justice secretary. The entire cabinet must at all times adhere to propriety as they are the president's alter egos. Any action or statement for that matter is deemed the official stand. There is no such thing as personal opinion when comes to the official family. With people like him in government, it only shows how incompetent this administration is at addressing issues. Its no wonder why the international community sees us as one of the worst in everything.

For someone who claims to be educated, Gonzalez showed lack of breeding and even diplomacy. His latest victim, members of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Enjoying the protection of the current dispensation, he is quickly defended for his transgressions. All the invitations of GMA are therefore all for show as her attackdog Gonzalez is always there to wreak havoc on common sense.

Senility is therefore an understatement when describing his state of mind. He is in a state of dementia. To allow him to stay a day more in office mirrors what this administration is, a bunch of lunatics.