Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WOW Philippines

Its not about promoting the Philippines as a tourist destination but more of a magnet for investigators. Thanks to GMA, she really put us on the map. Now we are as (in)famous as Zimbabwe. With the way we've been hauling in awards of notoriety, we are on track to being a "first" world country just like what she envisioned. It would have been better if investors and not investigators are coming in droves. I couldn't be wrong, with the way the BBC and CNN covered the Ducat hostage crisis, we are once again thrust in the limelight which exposed our leaders' corruption and ineptness to the world.

The UN and the EU have taken notice of the human rights abuses in the country. Just imagine, the US senate even conducted a special session just to investigate the extra-judicial killings that seem to be escalating everyday. Several media organizations around the world have condemned the assassinations of journalists. Theyhave even rated us as second most dangerous for journalists, second only to Iraq, which is in a state of war. The PERC recently bestowed upon us the (dis)honor of being the "most corrupt" in the region.

Wow, we're really making waves. With the way the unconfirmed DOJ secretary has been dishing out words of wisdom against UN rapporteur Philip Alston, and Esperon seeing "Reds" where there is none. They are definitely making the Philippines stick out like a sore thumb in the sea of democracy. As of late, the international community is also alarmed with the rampant "forced eviction" in the country.

The world had taken notice and will continue to do so. Meanwhile, Gloria and her minions will welcome all investigators, they can always deny can't they? Remember, she has a doctorate in lying and doublespeak. She praises her generals who kill women, children and even the elderly. And she's not ashamed to say that in our faces. She even makes sure the cameras catch it. Isn't that dandy.

So what's next? We will once again WOW the world with how we conduct an election. An election wherein gambling lords, convicted criminals, recently retired COMELEC official (who made sure Gloria won), and a host of party-lists who are not ashamed to admit that they are connected with Malacañang, are all eligible to run. Even tricycle drivers have a party-list, represented by a vice mayor and a doctor, duh. WOW talaga! If the leftists have fronts, so can the rightists, represented by no less than Jovito "The Butcher" Palparan. WOW na WOW talaga!

Well we can still redeem ourselves and make sure this administration will not dishonor us ever again. We've suffered the last six years, we can outdo ourselves by making sure we vote wisely and with conviction. We're thinking human beings not monkeys as what Gloria and her ilk would like us to be.