Friday, April 27, 2007

Voice In The Wilderness

Blogger Arbet Bernardo could not have said it better. His latest post about the death of values shows his sentiment and frustration. Apathy and moral degradation has turned our people into self-centered, self-serving individuals. Less people now care about their neighbor. Life has become a survival of the fittest where the weak and voiceless are dumped by the roadside. And the wicked and evil proclaim themselves kings.

He laments how we have turned into beasts, unable to discern right from wrong. Where our existence relies on our ability to put one over another for the sake of personal gain. This should be a wakeup call to everyone. We must bring sensitivity and genuine concern back in our lives.

We must bring back the values our leaders and some of us have discarded. Its not just about morality but being a human being. When we no longer care, we lost our humanity. We should not allow apathy to reign in our hearts. He must learn to be human beings again.

Arbet may just be a lone voice, but we should learn from his writings. He maybe swimming against the tide with this but I am sure that you, the reader, would stop and reflect of what we have become as a people, as a human being. He maybe a Voice in the Wilderness now, but we can join him in his call to bring values back in our lives and bring sanity back to society.