Thursday, April 26, 2007


When government officials offer incentives to influence others to vote for certain candidates, isn't this vote-buying? The offer by Raul Gonzalez to give a P10,000 reward to barangay captains who will produce a 12-0 sweep for Team Unity is tantamount to vote-buying.

Joe De Venecia is distributing insurance cards baring his picture to his constituents. This is a clear case of vote-buying. He claims that it has been his party's practice since last year. If this is a standard practice, then all LAKAS-CMD candidates are also guilty. This is if all its members are doing the same.

Manny Pacquiao is doing the same. Anyone who joins his movement will be given a P20,000 insurance. He claims that he just wants his constituents to be insured. He said that the fund has grown to P6 billion, wow! These funds came from his friends and donors, he adds. Pacquiao is running against re-electionist Darlene Antonino who is with the opposition.

This practice is nothing new. Gloria Arroyo used the Philhealth Card during her presidential campaign in 2004. Follow the leader! Birds of the same feather really flock together. They are all SHAMELESS!

These are blatant violations of the Omnibus Election Code. Art. 22, Sec. 261 states: any person from giving, offering or giving money or anything of value in order to induce any person,association, corporation or the public in general to vote for or against any candidate. The act is considered vote-buying.

Election Expenditure Update: Team Unity who boasts of 12-0 sweep has already spent close to P3 Billion in their campaign. The Genuine Opposition for their part has spent P380 Million.


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