Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Three Stooges

Talk of rebellion charges against several personalities had been floating for several weeks. As expected, the authorities (as in authors of fictional circumstances) has filed rebellion raps against fifty persons. This is in connection with the attempt to kick the impostor in Malacanang out of her beloved office. Supported by affidavits from the three stooges, Lts. San Juan, Bumidang and Sandava, rebellion charges were levelled against a wide array of persons.

From the rich and famous to virtual unknowns, all were implicated by the increasingly paranoid administration. For sure, evidences will once again be fabricated, inconsistent witnesses will surface to corroborate the statements of the three "vital" witnesses. Though specifics have yet to be presented by the DoJ, we can plainly see why some of the personalities were even forcebly included in the list. And they want their version of the Anti-Terrorism Bill approved?

Clearly some were charged for convenience, to once and for all silence them. With the Cha-Cha virtually dead, the administration is forced to "kill" the opposition and render it inutile for the upcoming elections. Faced with a possible hostile congress, the pretender cannot take any chances. From the political to the civil opposition, the administration intends to just stop its critics in one swoop and leave a chilling effect on those who continue to criticize the current dispensation.

The charges on the Batasan 5 failed miserably to take off as those accused were present in congress which weakened the affidavit of their witness. I am not sure how they intend to connect the dots this time. Most probably they will use Nellie Simbayan's controversial report. As election time nears, expect more absurdity from a panic-stricken administration. They will continue to harass the opposition. Should the lower house fail in its bid for Con-Ass, the administration will be in very deep shit.

The bombings in the south is the signal we must all be wary of. It is being used by the administration to shore up support for its version of the Anti-Terrorism Bill. While a senate version is more rights friendly, the administration's is so broad that even legitimate dissent can be grounds for arrest. GMA's hands are tied with declaring Martial Law, so her best option is the approval of their version of the Anti-Terrorism Bill. With that in place, she need not ask congress's approval to declare Martial Law.

The road for us will even get bumpier as the election nears. The crackdown on the opposition coupled with the continuing extra-judicial killings will become more vicious. Let's hope the opposition will hold up to the onslaught. Our vigilance and awareness of the events now going on is a must. To blink could mean the end of democracy.