Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Lady's Got Balls

I caught the Ombudsman's press conference this afternoon. I must admit I am somehow impressed by her demeanor. I saw her toughness and no nonsense stance. Coming out after the controversial resolution clearing the COMELEC of any liability in the botched Automated Counting Machine Project, she gainly aswered all questions and never showed any sign of being irritated.

With a straight face she responded to the media's queries and from time to time broke into a smile. She said that she will take full reponsibility for the resolution. Her panel also pointed out that the compainant never showed up during the clarificatory hearings which their office conducted. Had there been any additional evidence presented during these hearings, their resolution "might" be different. It seems Gus Lagman never was interested in the case.

She also stressed that she should not be onion-skinned when being battered by criticisms for she is a public figure and this is part of her job. She also will not file any charges against those who criticize her. She said that her time will be better spent going after grafters than attending libel hearings in court.

Maybe, the Arroyos should take notice of how Merciditas Gutierrez conducts herself. Thia is one gutsy lady that has bigger balls than Mike Arroyo. To simply shrug off criticisms is hard, at least she knows it comes with the territory. Retaliation is not in this lady's vocabulary. A titled "gentleman should have more humility, if not then he definitely does not deserve the title.

After all is said and done, Gutierrez gets my thumbs up. Regardless of rumors that Malacanang had a hand in this, her character shows her strength. Unlike most officials in government today, she's the only one I've seen who's willing to take the heat and not dish it back. She is has no air of arrogance or vindictiveness in her. She simply smiles off her detractors. She's also willing to be impeached to clear her name. The pretender in the palace should take lessons from her on how to be a good leader. Gutierrez knows her place in the sun and that deserves a round of applause.