Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DoJ: Department of Joke

Time and again, we see the senile secretary of DoJ make pre-judgement on cases. I don't really know what on earth this incoherent, word-chewing old man is doing in government. He is more of a jester than a justice secretary.

This lastest stunt the DoJ pulled on the alleged rape victim Nicole is a great example of how the Filipino is treated in his own country. After berating and lambasting Nicole, the state prosecutors (with the exception of Hazel Valdez) had the temerity to still handle the case. Any person with "delicadeza" would have resigned outright when accused of compromising the case.

Atty. Ursua and Fiscal Valdez should have been allowed to handle the case instead of Emilie delos Santos. Delos Santos obviously does not follow the ethical standards of being a lawyer. If your client has lost faith in you, you should have stayed away from the case. Gonzalez if indeed is the guardian of justice should have replaced those he assigned on the case. Their insistence to still handle the case reeks of a sell-out, a perception that many Filipinos I quite sure share with me. But now the jester wants to make amends and asked the government prosecutors to resigh should Nicole lose her case. Now he tries to save his neck after all is said and done.

Poor Nicole, a victim many times over even by her own countrymen. It pains me that the Filipinos are made political pawns in GMA's diplomatic games. GMA needs the America's support, its the only thing keeping her in office. This is the reason why she's been trying her best to "please" them. But at who's expense? After "raping" the country blind, she now wants to sell us out. Nicole's case should open our eyes to the injustice being done to our country. We are not whimps nor pushovers. Its GMA who's in "hot water" not us. We should never allow ourselves to be used for her own personal survival.