Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All Roads Lead to the Palace

Centralizing power is what this administration wants. Their bid for Cha-Cha through whatever means is all about consolidating the power to one person. As events drag on, everything becomes clearer, Malacanang is the instigator of all these scandals. Now that the cat is out of the bag with Bunye's admission that SnB's funding comes from Malacanang, I wonder what other surprises they have in store for us? Speculations about the cancellation of elections next year abound. The lower house is frantically exploring all avenues to finally convert itself to a constituent assembly. But with an anti Cha-Cha senate in its path, their dreams of grabbing power would not materialize anytime soon.

No wonder the pretender is hellbent in preventing her officials from attending congressional hearings. She's so scared that her minions might open up a can of worms when they face these congressional probes. With the recent bombings in Mindanao, could this be another ploy by the government to railroad the Anti-terrorism Bill?

Questions, just too many unanswered questions. Since GMA took office, scandals have been flying left and right. No sooner that one is unearthed, another comes along. With the government's policy of exporting our work force, one would suspect that the recent nursing exam leakage scandal can also be attributed to Malacanang. With the growing global need for nurses, the government is pressing the industry to churn out more nursing graduates. We all know that its this administration's practice to cut corners to get what it wants. A "leak" will definitely achieve the results they want. Any accusation against her office must be answered by her.

Even the school-feeding program did not escape being tainted. The budget hearings exposed an anomaly regarding the procurement of the rice being distributed to students in the public schools. The NFA had spent P1 billion for last year's program. As we all know, we are an agrigultural country whose prime crop is rice. It seems that the program will be buying its rice from abroad. This deprives our farmers of much needed earnings. The amount NFA wants is P4 billion. Somebody must be really reaping in a lot of money. We all know who that is.

The DepEd had awarded most of the printing contracts for textbooks to only one publishing company. How can this be, when the winning bidder was disqualified by the Bids and Awards Committee? No wonder our educators are so demoralized. Their bosses have been bending the rules to enrich themselves. Our poor teachers have endured so much. Low pay and long hours, add the cramped classrooms and the huge student numbers they have to deal with every single day.

This administration has time and again taken advantage of our patience. Cheating, lying and stealing has been widely accepted by this regime. Corruption still lords over our institutions. While mostly low-ranking officials have been charged with graft, those obviously close to the pretender have yet to face the music. I must admit that despite my belief in a peaceful and lawful solution to the plague that hangs over our country, a violent formulation could be a better option. When all is said and done, GMA and her minions might wake up to a bloodthirsty mob at their doorstep.