Thursday, October 26, 2006

Running Out Of Options

In a close vote of 8-7, the Supreme Court has denied the Sigaw ng Bayan and ULAP's bid to change the charter through People's Initiative. Pressure on the magistrates did not sway them to surrender the future of our nation. The administration's plan went pfft. Certainly, appointing her "justices" is not an assurance she can do as she pleases.

From the very start, the PI have been seen as a bid by the palace to permanently shield the bogus presidency from finally answering allegations of corruption and cheating. With the junking of the PI, the palace would now have to rely on its allies in the Lower House. JDV and his mates have been tirelessly working on their version of the Cha-Cha. But it seems the even they have their differences on the provisions ti be pushed.

The DILG and ULAP for their part must now answer for the "funding" which was used for the PI. It was revealed by no less than Bunye himself that indeed that his office had in fact released funds for the PI amounting to several millions. Lambino had claimed to have produced 100,000 copies of the draft petition, but this can only account for so much. SnB has also undertaken a massive media blitz that would run in the millions. Its highly probable that ULAP's members had used public funds for this endeavor. They must now be made answerable for dipping their hands in the national coffers.

Claims by SnB-ULAP that they had collected and verified 6.3 million signatures had also been questioned. Anti-Cha-Cha proponents had in fact discovered irregularities and this strengthened the SC's decision and even call the process deceitful. The SC also pointed out that the process defrauded the signatories of the PI as they were made to sign without being presented the provisions of the petition.

What can we expect from a group closely associated with an illegitimate leadership, of course more lies and deceptions. Try as they might to conceal the truth, in the end it will find a way to expose itself. The administration has once again had a setback, they are running out of time and options. The Con-Ass will definitely face a more straining test when its finally pushed. Nobody bought their "terrorism threat" hence the Anti-Terrorism Bill cannot be of any use for now. The 2007 elections are fast approaching and there simply is no time for GMA to prevent her demise. What other options are there for her? There seems to be none. All she can do now is sit and wait or to undertake a "palace-sponsored coup". She still has her "generals" who will do the dirty task for her. But this is somewhat improbable as even the military is divided. This is clearly shown by the constant loyalty checks the military conducts. I can just imagine GMA wracking her brains out while her "advisers" frantically work on how to beat their deadline.

What will be her next move? We will soon find out when JDV finally makes his push. Vigilance exposed the deceptive PI, vigilance will prevent the administration from ramming Cha-Cha down our throats, and vigilance will forever protect our children's future.