Sunday, October 29, 2006

GI Joe De V and The GI Shift

Gloria's Imp (GI), Joe De V is at it again. Irked by the recent Supreme Court decision branding the Sigaw/ULAP People's Initiative a grand deception, expressed his disappointment of how the magistrates handled the petition.

He pointed out that how can there be a grand deception when local offials from governors to baragay officials conducted discussions on the matter. I don't know where GI JDV got his info but in my barangay, no such discussions ever took place. Like what I've said before, what was presented to me was a survey form and not a petition. We all know how the lower house under his leadership also engineered a grand deception during the last two impeachments.

He also pointed out how unfair the SC was when it concentrated on technicalities and bludgeoning the initiative. Didn't the lower house Committee on (in)Justice do the same with the impeachments? Granting that the SC is not a trier of facts, but the arguments of the contending parties included facts and constitutionality. GI JDV must have had a lapse in memory when he uttered this observations.

A Motion for Reconsideration is in the works and would be filed within the next two weeks. The decision was hand-delivered to the petitioners in just a matter of hours. These raised a howl from the other GI, Raul Gonzalez. He now accuses Panganiban of ensuring the defeat of the PI. We all know that the sooner the MR is filed, the sooner it will be resolved. What's nice about it, the administration's plan to wait for the retirement of CJ Panganiban and wait for a more friendly chief justice has been derailed. It seems that the SC had seen this coming and has now prevented it. With a full month still as chief justice, Panganiban will still be there when the MR is to be decided.

The administration thought they are always a step ahead of everybody, not this time. I have never seen such swift application of justice. I'm glad, no one can now say that justice delayed is justice denied. Nobody can claim that the SC dillydallied on the PI. As far as I'm concerned, Lambino and Aumentado can kiss their PI goodbye.

The Gloria Initiated (the other GI) Shift has been delayed. The majority bloc of the lower house must now iron out its differences to be able to make their push. But still, an anti-Cha-Cha senate is a force to reckon with. Soon it will once again fall on the SC's lap to decide on the fate of their Con-Ass. This would further delay their plans. To postpone or to cancel the elections in May could be the tipping point the opposition is waiting for. We all know that despite the allegations of election-rigging, the people would still participate. Their cover blown, JDV and his gang must now act swiftly. The people now know what is at stake and will now be more determined to safeguard the elections.

The administration will have a difficult time conducting its "operation" with a vigilant electorate. The battle lines have been drawn. Plan B could suffer the same fate as the PI. Its now the state versus the people. With support fading fast for the embattled pretender, I expect trapos to salvage whatever remaining influence they have and jump ship. Her handful of generals cannot save her neck. The military's silent majority could rise and finally topple her illegitimate regime.

We've witnessed bizarre events turn this country upside down. These are all part of a maturing country and politics. The coming days will be crucial for both the opposition and the administration. How they both react to developing events will ultimately decide the fate of the bogus presidency.