Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sweet Revenge

While browsing through my links, I ran into a great piece over at Political Junkie's blogsite. Entitled "Interesting Tidbit on Binay", it seems the suspended mayor of Makati is in the running for "World Mayor 2006".

Now wouldn't it be dandy to give the pretender in the palace something to bitch about? Voting is online and you will have to write a short comment as to why Binay should be World Mayor '06. Who knows, it might even send the evil one scurrying to St. Luke's again.

So if you wish to give the bogus one nightmares and a huge LBM, hurry over to this site and give her a slap on the face. Hurry up as the second round of voting ends this month. Let's show the enchantress our disgust.