Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Mosquito's Epidemic

This is not about Dengue but about the immorality that has spread to epidemic proportions. And how it has affected each and every Filipino. Malaya yesterday reported on what is supposed to be the "tip of the iceberg". According the a special COA (Commission on Audit) report, P3 billion of the P35 billion Marcos Swiss fund had been lost to irregular "spending" by the illegitimate Arroyo administration. After being turned over to the government in 2004, the COA investigating team was able to trace the pattern of how the P3 billion was practically stolen by this administration and its cohorts. They however ran into a brick wall when they confronted the PCGG (Presidential Commission on Good Government). The PCGG refused to cooperate with the auditors in their bid to "hide" the disbursements.

The report named congressmen, provincial governors, NGOs (non-government organizations), media companies, officials of NAs (national agencies) and GOCCs (government-owned and controlled corporations), and some private individuals as the recipients of the questioned disbursement of monies from the Agrarian Reform Fund. The ARF is the sole beneficiary of the recovered Marcos Swiss wealth.

No wonder the PCGG fought tooth and nail to prevent its commissioners from attending the senate hearings even if it was for the investigation for a different case. Definitely this new development will tighten the noose on the PCGG's neck. The senate recently won a court decision against the PCGG and this will only increase the senate's eagerness to put the PCGG in its proper place. Its now obvious why the Solicitor General will try to have the SC reverse its decision. The administration has clearly dipped its hands in a fund that should benefit our farmers.

The bogus resident of the palace has clearly misused the ARF. The ARF was reserved solely for the purpose of funding land aquisition and infrastructure development for the agriculture sector. It was never intended to be spent some other way. The palace is trying once again to cover up another scam. We would recall how Bolante engineered the Fertilizer Scam to benefit GMA's presidential bid back in '04. He has been detained in the US after having his visa revoked. The scam has hurt our poor farmers and deprived them of much needed funding.

Cover-up has been the normal response of the administration to every scam its been linked to. They have made a mockery of every democratic process in the country. Political will had been replaced with presidential whimsical caprice. From the onset, the administration has set out to suck the country dry. Even data had been doctored to portray economic growth. Unemployment and poverty had been given a new definition. I wouldn't be surprised if even our financial standing had been overstated. While the "lords" travel the world with their junkets, millions of Filipinos are forced to slave in foreign lands. Their families continuesly battered by a moral dilema and those unable to leave are forced to survive on a mere P36 a day. Social disparity had widened and more and more Filipinos succumb to poverty and desperation.

The pretender in all her arrogant air continues to portray herself as the divine ruler of the country. All she had done was to rape the country blind. Injustice is what she has sowed and she feeds on the desperation of the people. Like a mosquito which serve no purpose but to spread disease, she had spread her disease in fact, and continues to somehow corrupt every person and institution she touches. She continues to cultivate a culture of lying, stealing and cheating. The longer she stays, the more people will succumb to her evil ways. Would you like your children to live in a society where evil thrives? Would you like our people to branded as liars, thieves and cheats? To allow this regime to propagate and spread this "immoral culture", we will never get out of this rat hole we are in. We will forever be slaves of administration-created desperation.