Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Concerted Effort

Talks of the cancellation of the 2007 elections started months ago when Abalos raised the question of the election budget. Since then, the PI had kept it in the sidelines. Knowing too well of its importance, the senate had promised to allocate funds for the exercise. But this scenario is once again being floated by no less than the election lawyer of the pretender, Atty. Romeo Makalintal.

Is this being floated to condition the Filipino's mind? I also believe that the continuing assault on the integrity of the COMELEC has something to do with this. The more doubt is cast on the COMELEC's credibility, the more the electorate will find it acceptable to postpone or even cancel the elections altogether.

With the PI in a very unsure footing, the palace has stepped up its efforts to "pressure" the magistrates. Even JDV has somehow cast doubt on the SC by making his "personal" visit to Panganiban publicly known. Raul Gonzalez in all his arrogance had advised the SC to make themselves scarce. The executive has no right to meddle in the affairs of a co-equal unless it was a deliberate move to damage the credibility of the SC. The recent survey which shows how 60% distrusts the SC only serves this purpose.

The late passage of Gordon's Bill to me adds to the controversy. While insisting its good for the elections, why come up with it this late? I may be speculating here but he is afterall an administration senator. His constant lambasting of the COMELEC had added to the flames of doubt making it more difficult for the COMELEC to prove its worth. His committee could have approved his resolution last year when there was ample time to prepare. The "Hello Garci" controversy should have started the repeal/amendment of the Automation Law. Surely the COMELEC's failure to even have a pilot area will ensure the COMELEC's death. Lacking in credibility, I expect the palace operators to drive the nail on the COMELEC's coffin.

I am not a COMELEC defender but hey, I call it as I see it. The events unfolding before us only creates more speculations and wild guesses than concrete answers. I'm not a big COMELEC fan but they are the ones in charge of the elections. I have doubts in my mind but they are all we have for now. As long as Abalos and his commissioners are there, vigilance is our only recourse to protect our votes.

The PI's death and the legal battle which the Con Ass faces has blocked Malacanang's bid for Cha-Cha. So the most logical way to go is to sling mud and cast more doubt and confusion that the electorate will just lose its interest and finally agree to a postponement of the elections. I'm hoping I'm wrong with this one but why are all this talk of NO-EL coming out now? Is this a concerted effort to finally discredit the coming elections? Are we all playing into the administration's ploy once again? Should elections push through, with all the doubts about its crediblity, majority of the voters might not even vote. I have heard comments about boycotting the elections altogether. This is alarming as the disinterest might lead to the administration's win. Should this happen, we're all done for. We can all kiss our asses goodbye.

We must assert our right to vote. Let's not allow doubt to prevail and give the administration what it wants. We must bear in mind that there is no such thing as absurdity when talking of this administration. With them, everything is plausible. With just a few months to go, let's be more vigilant of the signs that our politicians are sending. We must not take this things lightly as our future is at stake. We are all stakeholders therefore must be more active. There are still good men out there who continue to fight for what is right, let's not be complacent and render their efforts futile.