Friday, October 27, 2006

Con-Ass (CONNING the People-Licking the ASS)

Now that the People's Initiative has been unmasked, Anti-Cha-Cha proponents are now gearing up for a bigger fight ahead. Time and again, the House of (mis)Representaives had made a mockery of our laws. We all have been witnesses to how JDV and his ilk interpret laws to suit their greedy needs. Now they are on their toes to finally push their Con-Ass. But in their way is the senate who is also a major player in this fight against Cha-Cha. The lower house refuses to raise their arms in surrender despite knowing that their evil plot has been exposed. The arrogant majority know what's at stake and their backed up against the wall.

Their unending string of propaganda of how the shift will benefit the country fails to screen their real intentions. The people now polarized and well-informed, cannot be hoodwinked into believing their assertions. Granting the majority wins this round, would they get the Supreme Court's nod? If for the sake of argument they overcome the legal battle, they can't be sure of the electorate. But time is one thing they do not have and it is one they do not have a monopoly of. By the time all these have been dealt with, the elections would have been through. The majority would now be the minority and Gloria could kiss her sorry ass goodbye.

But what is this animal called Con-Ass really all about? To be right about it, its Constituent Assembly. It is when congress is converted into an assembly which will propose revisions to our existing constitution. It is actually constitutional but the bone of contention is how will it be done? Would the upper house vote separately from the lower house or would the house be voting as one? This will be the new arena in GMA's fight to stay in power.

JDV asserts that it is less expensive to use this mode than a constitutional convention wherein its members will be voted in by the people to draft a new constitution. So what if its expensive, is the administration afraid to spend what it has stolen? To use such a flimsy excuse to railroad their "project" is the most deceptive way to carry out their evil plan. We all know what is at stake here, its not only the pretender's butt they are protecting but their positions as well. To have the elections is not only a referendum for the incumbent but it would spell the death of the arrogant majority. Seeing the likes of JDV, Nograles, Pichay, Villafuerte, Antonino, Lagman and Cagas still in power would make one puke. These dinosaurs would do a great service to their constituents if they are booted out of office.

So you see my friends, their version of Con-Ass is nothing more than CONNING the people and ASS-LICKING their illegitimate master. To allow this "fraudulent" Con-Ass to push through will be like throwing ourselves in a viper's pit and die a slow agonizing death. To leave our future in the hands of greedy morons is the height of stupidity. I'm not stupid, I can discern and analyze. Now you wouldn't want to be caught with your pants down. Let's be vigilant and protect the future of our children. This is what matters to all of us.