Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Laws Are Meant To Be Broken

"LAWS ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN" is the new battlecry of the administration. We were all taught that laws were created to facilitate order in society. We were all taught to abide and follow the laws of the land. But what do we do when our leaders act as both judge, jury and executioner? What do we when those in power act as gods? Due process and the right to defend one's self and clear one's name are supposed to be accorded all accused.

Mayor Jejomar Binay as expected has finally been suspended by the DILG. A staunch critic of the administration, he is the second local executive to be dealt a preventive suspension. Based on unsupported accusations by a perennial loser in the Makati mayoralty race, the palace was only too happy to pounce on the chance. So instead of asking the complainant more proof on the allegations, the administration would rather punish first and ask questions later. (No wonder the military shoots first and then asks questions later.)

USec. Wencelito Andanar in Korina Sanchez's show intimated that this is the best way for losing candidates to get back at their rivals. Given this, the DILG should have conducted a more thorough investigation and asked the complainant Brillante to produce more substantive evidences. So in effect, the DILG has become a tool of harassment. Now any Tom, Dick and Harry allied with the administration or acting as a front for the administration can file any frivoluous charge against any local executive perceived to be or identified with the opposition. Binay on his part had already forwarded the list of employees and their positions. He is asking his accuser to furnish a list of the supposed ghost employees. Of course Brillante and the DILG has 60 days to fabricate additional evidences. Even if Sec. Puno says that this is not political, the public perception is and will always be that this is a case of silencing the opposition. Puno should think twice before opening his stinking mouth again, he might smell his own breath.

This latest fiasco is just one of the many abuses this adminstration has committed. The administration is reminding us it can do whatever it wishes. The Supreme Court should finally put its foot down before the people finally loses its confidence in our judiciary. Being a co-equal, and the only institution who can define law must step up against this abusive regime. Unless the judiciary would tow the administration's line, then we are in really deep shit.

The culture of impunity continues while poor Juan dela Cruz sinks further into the quagmire desperation and injustice. We all thought that democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, such is not the case here. Its a government of Gloria, for Gloria and by Gloria. Ours is not a democracy but a portayed one. We are shown glimpses of democracy to prevent us from revolting against this administration. In reality, we are living in an undeclared dictatorship. A dictatorship who works behind the scenes but rears its ugly head once in awhile.

So you see, there is no such animal as "LAW" in the eyes of these people. They are the law. And the laws that we have now, well, they were meant to be broken. The law only applies when it suits them, when they need to be shielded from the people's prying eyes. So for the rest of us, the rule of law and due process will forever be just a figment of our imagination.