Monday, October 09, 2006


What do you do if the country you live in is not a country but a gangland? Such is the case with the Republic of the Philippines. Headed by a select "few" who runs the government Mafia style, they control the country with an iron fist. Any opposition is quickly dealt with. This syndicate-like operation has run this country to the ground. Total disregard for law had been the norm and they can do anything with impunity.

From illegal gambling to smuggling to protection rackets to corruption of every democratic institution, this syndicate's power grows each day. With the money in their pockets, the police and military quickly becomes their "enforcers and hitmen".
Their best business yet is human trafficking. They simply go around the world offering the Filipinos to every country in need of slaves. These "workers" are then enticed by the government to fill in these job orders. The syndicate just waits for the slaves' remittances and quietly siphon off these funds. They couldn't care less if the families they leave behind go astray.

Doing business here is easy if you have the right connections. Just cozy up to someone close to the "family" and you are quickly given your space to operate provided of course that you pay the required "goodwill". Your business will be protected by the mob if you know how to play their game. Even your tax evasion case can be conveniently swept under the rug. Even as scam after scam had been exposed, nothing has come of it as their members in the lower house made sure it doesn't reach the doors of the senate. They replace career officials with their "buddies" and slowly take control of the entire government.

Their new "project" is to keep the power to themselves with their twisted People's Initiative. With funding from the "mob", the legion fraudulently gathered more than six million signatures to permanently sit the "queen" in the halls of Malacanang. Want to know how the wicked queen has managed to survive? She simply made sure that the populace is occupied with surviving the day to day life. She made life so hard and miserable that nobody will have the time to join the rallies against her. The few who dared to join these actions were simply hosed down by her goons in the PNP. They employ tactics of repression only the master of hell can think of.

Those who are more vocal are slapped with libel suits and "fake" cases. But these are nothing compared to the hundreds who have been "eradicated" by the enforcers of the mob. To clean up their mess, they created a commission to whitewash their despicable deeds. Secretaries are turned into bagmen and architects of embezzling public funds, courts are made into tools of harassment and into legitimizing their illegal acts.

This country is not a safe place anymore. Its become a haven for a new breed of criminals with power in their hands and the country's wealth at their disposal. So corrupt is this breed that they had reduced this once proud nation into their own "turf". Its up to us now to once and for all cleanse this country of this infestation.