Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Vicious Trapo

Seeing Manny Villar's ad with smiling children really make me sick. His exploitation of the youth and the poor is legendary. Informal settlers were virtually nonexistent in Las Piñas. It was a quiet productive town and surprisingly peaceful. I remember walking home from school was safe and I was just 5 yrs. old. Everyone was courteous and you can even hitch a ride without worry. That was back in the '60s and '70s when a different family ruled the quiet municipality. Fast forward to the '80s when Villar reared his sinister head.

Bands of informal settlers started descending on Las Piñas. Every available plot of land was taken over. Soon the Villars became the powers that be thanks to informal settlements that sprouted like mushrooms. Everything went well for these settlers until Manny Villar's greed rose to new levels. Those who brought him to power are now being outed like rats. H'es a senator now. He doesn't need their votes. They're in the way of his bridge that would connect his subdivisions in Cavite to Las Piñas. If you think its just these "useless" informal settlers he molests, you are dead wrong. Even those who own lots near his palatial home in BF Resort did not escape his attention.

I've mentioned the Elizabeth Seton School in my past posts. There is more to tell. There's once was a small eatery andi store beside the school. It's owned by an old retiree. The problem is that Villar wants the entire area for himself. In his way is the school and the store. He soon went after the store. Soon the old retiree was harassed so that he would sell his property to Villar. The area was commercial. It's on the main road where hundreds of establishments line the avenue. Villar told the man he has to close his store. The reason, he violated commercial zoning laws. He then offered the man a new house and P1million to sell his property to him. To avoid further harassment, the man reluctantly sold his property. He was paid and the house he was given was in some forsaken corner of one of his developments.

Enter the Seton School which has been in Las Piñas long before Manny Villar came. They had to rent a portion of the school from a certain Mrs. Lim. The lot was used for faculty parking, Villar wanted the property as it also borders his property. Like I said, he wants the entire area for himself. But he had no way to harass the owner. So he offered her P8million for the lot, a new house and another P1million. The lady declined and instead sold the property to Seton. This infuriated Villar and started Seton's headaches.

Being related to the mayor, he blocked the permit for the construction of a dorm. When the PTA and the students signed a petition which forced the mayor to approve the school's permit. Villar lost the battle bit not the war. He then closed the other gates leading to the school citing security reasons as he is a senator. Ang kapal talaga ng mukha ano? Now the school has to settle for a lone entrance that has produced traffic nightmares for students and motorists alike. This is how Villar values education for our youth. But don't worry, your school may not be located in an area Villar is interested in. So you are safe for now.

A well-known businessman planned to open a huge mall in Las Piñas. He had purchased a foreclosed property which location is just perfect for Cavite and Las Piñas. But Villar has other plans. His mall is near the property. This would surely kill his business. His mall by the way houses stalls which sells pirated games and DVDs. So what he did was to harass the owner of a huge lot beside the competitor and built a new SM Hypermart. The businessman has yet to open his mall. Up to now, the mall has yet to open. It's "Soon to Open" sign still drapes the building's facade. Villar supports business, yes that is true. But be sure the business you put up includes him or else you'll end up bankrupt.

Villar is a vicious trapo. His strategy is one of manipulation, exploitation and the use of brute force. This is the truth behind a man who has swindled depositors of his defunct bank. This is the man who protrays himself in his ads as one who will bring you to the promise land. Beware of false prophets and wolves in sheep's clothing. Know the real Villar and you'll definitely get sick in the gut.