Friday, December 18, 2009

The Return Of The Plague

Alan Peter Cayetano implied that Sen. Jamby Madrigal is a nuisance candidate. Then that means that his president Manny Villar is a plague. If this dork thinks that Villar is a worthy president, perhaps we shouldn't vote for any Nacionalista Party candidate (my apologies to my friend Toots Ople whom I admire). Nick Perlas is a more deserving candidate than Villar in terms of, well just about everything.

The NP exemplifies all that is traditional. Just look at its lineup and you'll see why he put such a diverse slate. No it is not about unity but opportunism. He is after votes. He is not running on a platform of principle but one which tries to get everybody in. I cannot say the same for the two leftists though. All the time I thought that Alan Peter represents change. If you think the Amapatuans are criminals, take a good long look at Manny Villar.

In terms of entrepreneurship which he says will solve our economic problems, I'll give you two glaring examples of how he values entrepreneurship. He eliminates those whose businesses outperforms his. A friend of mine once opened a business in Las Piñas. It was doing well and of course did not escape the eye of the greedy Villar. So he bought a franchise of a competitor. It did not even put a dent on my friends earnings. Despite being small and unknown, my friends business stomped the competition. Lo and behold, when my friends business permit was due for renewal, he was denied.

The same fate was dumped on a lowly internet cafe. OMG! Even a small business like this did not escape Villar's eagle eyes. The internet cafe despite its popularity soon closed down. Villar will never allow any business to outperform his. Perhaps he wants to be part of every new business. Na-momorsyento in the vernacular. This the same ploy he used against Maynilad. Of course Maynilad wouldn't allow this. Villar thrives on tubong-lugaw. This is why Villar's wealth continue to grow.

A Villar presidency will be worst that Marcos or even GMA. He will dip his soiled hands in every transaction his will administration will ever have. His presidency will be a plague that will engulf the country. He is not a philanthropist. He is one who expects something in return for anything he gives away. He will have to recover the huge expense his campaign is costing him. Madrigal is a nuisance only for Villar because she had exposed the real Villar.

Do the math and you'll wonder how he became a billionaire with no liabilities. Would you want a return of the plague? Our country has had enough. Would you dare to gamble your children's future? He chooses his battles well. This is why he chooses the forums he joins. Villar is all business. He wants it all for himself. Do not believe everything you see on TV. Go to Las Piñas and see it for yourself. Explore the hidden secrets of Villar so you'll know the plague he's carrying around.