Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The Commission on S-Election is about to kick Gov. Ed Panlilio of Pampanga out of his office. I'm sure they will as the trend shows that those who speak against and expose the corruption in Malacañan are being ousted one by one. Gloria's rebellion continues. She has managed to put every agency and even the branches of government under her control. The first to go was Gov. Jonjon Mendoza of Bulacan, then Gov. Grace Padaca of Isabela and within the next few days, Gov. Ed Panlilio of Pampanga. These three have been outspoken and managed to defeat the candidates close to GMA.

What can we expect from the ComSelec in the coming election? Would the elections be credible under their watch. I'm beginning to believe those who say the elections can be rigged despite the automation. With the kind of hoodlums operation in the commission, I'm having reservations about putting my faith in the coming elections. They may not be able to rig the presidential election but they can certainly manipulate the local race.

I cannot imagine how Gov. Panlilio cheat his way to winning the gubernatorial race in Pampanga. I also cannot believe how Gov. Pandaca was able to cheat the money and influence of the Dys. The ComSelec sure works in ways beyond logic and imagination. Are we being led into a trap with the automation of the 2010 elections? I guess we put so much trust that automation will reduce if not eradicate electoral cheating and fraud.

Perhaps vigilance will not be enough. Perhaps we should start electing the members of the Comelec if only to reduce the chances that the appointees will not be beholden to the one who appointed them. What else can we do to prevent the Comelec from being party to massive fraud? The commission surely has some explaining to do. We must overhaul the Comelec and what they can be accountable of. I'm sure they will say that evidence shows that those they are ousting cheated. But we must also remember that evidence can be manufactured.