Monday, December 14, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3

Gloria will stop at nothing to save her neck. She tested the air if she can get away with martial law. Unfortunately for her, her team cracked under pressure. Team Gloria took a beating from those opposed to martial law. I don't think she had the numbers in congress that is why the joint session had to convene. Even after two days, I don't think Nograles was able to convince 147 members of the legislative to go along with her sinister plan. Perhaps the congressmen were afraid of the electoral backlash that could cost them their political future.

Gloria had to retreat. It was obvious that the longer the joint session convened, the weaker their chances of winning the vote grew. So last Saturday, she finally lifted her twisted version of martial law. Even after an alleged ambush of a police convoy, she had no other option but to withdraw. The coup de grace did not come during the joint session. It came after a conspiracy theory was brought up by her ally, Miriam.

There was clearly no basis for declaring martial law. And those tasked to defend it were simply slaughtered. Even if members of her paid CBCP supported her, the rest of the people did not. Gloria hasn't ran out of tricks yet but her options are certainly fewer. She had been trying everything to stay in power. With the lifting of martial law, she managed to avoid losing in the joint session and a scrutiny by the Supreme Court. I am sure her cohorts will again say that everything is moot and academic.

We really have to be vigilant with this administration. Desperation can make people do the unimaginable. So what's next, a failure of national elections? I am impressed by her team of political geniuses. If only they used their intelligence in honestly serving the people. With our institutions in ruins, Gloria may still succeed. It will be up to those in public office to still have an iota of conscience for the country to be saved. If there aren't any, we're dead meat.