Sunday, December 06, 2009

Not One, Not Two......But Twenty-two

I can see that presidential aspirant, Manny Villar is a bad poker player. He tried to bluff Ted Failon and Failon called his bluff. Now the truth behind Daang Hari can be told. Perhaps he knew that his cover had been blown so that he was a no-show at the Harapan Presidential Forum. We all know how Villar operates. He would seek a forum that he can control. The truth is that he develop lands which are secluded because they are the cheapest. Using his influence,power and position, he would then recommend that roads be built in this areas because they would be beneficial to the people. What he does not mention is that these people are those who live in his subdivisions.

Of course we all know that an access road improves the chances that his developments would not only command a higher price but would be more marketable. Villar could look you in the eye and lie through his teeth. Of course that is possible if you're not in front of him holding documents that would prove otherwise. Is this the kind of president we want? Is this the kind of president we can trust? Is this the kind of president who would inspire the people? The way I see it, he will inspire more corrupt people to enter politics because that is where the money is.

So how can you now disprove what the ABS-CBN people found out when they took your challenge? You spokesman, Gilbert Remulla even had the temerity to say that the government hasn't even paid for the right of way. The right of way you speak of doesn't benefit us but you. It's mainly used by your customers and not us, the majority of the taxpaying Filipinos. Isn't it your responsibility to provide the residents of your subdivisions an access road? Isn't the funding for this access road supposed to come from your own pocket? So how can you disprove the fact that your company benefited from these road projects?

You have twenty-two subdivisions all along Daang Hari. You claimed to have only two. One can forget a couple, perhaps you forgot because they were too many to remember. Ay naku, ulyanin ka na rin ba? Perhaps your lapdogs in the senate can explain for you as well. They seem to have the answers in the scandalous C-5 Ext. project. So the man from Wack Wack (he lives there, not in Tondo) has a lot of explaining to do. I spit on those who signed the resolution absolving you of any wrongdoing in the C-5 scam. Is there any other skeletons in your closet? I'm sure there are more. Don't worry Mr. Villar, I'll expose them at the right time.

I leave you with this video. Watch and find out what kind of person the real Manny Villar is.