Friday, December 11, 2009

Due Process and the Rule of Law

I enjoyed the second day of the joint session. I was impressed by Kiko, Miriam, Dick and especially Biazon. They showed why they deserve to be senators. The only "loser" in the senate is and will be in 2010 is Villar. He wasted valuable time for nothing. I will rank him with the dumb asses in the lower house. As in the first day, Teddyboy Locsin was his usual opportunistic self, grabbing whatever media time he could get. Excuse me Mr. Locsin, are you implying that the end justify the means? Or are we a land of vigilantes where laws can be overlooked, abused and circumvented?

To the thinking viewer, Locsin's speech is one that would irritate you coming from someone who is supposed to uphold the constitution and the laws of the land. Miriam in her rare moment of sanity was brilliant. Giving a lecture on what is constitutional and not. I appreciated her intelligence and logic, at least for the time being. Kiko laid the predicate for the rest of those who opposes Gloria's redefinition of rebellion. Dick (according to MLQ3) was aroused and did a fantastic job at exposing the "bullet holes" in the martial law justification. The big bang came from Sen. Biazon who did not mince words and gave Devenadera a piece of his mind. Ms. DoJ must have wished she was riding a "tsubibo" during Biazon's questioning.

Due process and the rule of law, that is what this issue is all about. The palace has always used this in their pursuit of harassing its critics Now I throw back these to you. From what I have heard in the two days I've followed the joint session, these processes were never followed, they were circumvented. Was the declaration a knee-jerk reaction or are there other motives or agendas being pushed? Knowing how Gloria operates, it is both. She tried to kill two birds with one stone, to address public pressure and to silence the Amaptuans. But despite this, I'm sure her ratings would not improve.

For the time being, her electoral cheating is safe. Her military can freely gather the incriminating evidences and keep them from the public's watchful eye. Voter's IDs do not prove anything, ballot boxes do. So the drama continues on Monday. I expect the oppositon to lose the vote. Martial law will stay in Maguindanao. what I'm afraid of is will it spread to the rest of Mindanao?