Saturday, January 02, 2010

Who Is This?

Not too long ago, in a place called San Jose, Delmonte, a grave injustice took place. Several landowners lost their properties. The properties were subsequently used as collateral to secure a P50 million loan from the government. It's a loan that was never paid as the corporation who acquired the loan soon closed. The rightful owners sued the land-grabber. The media reported about it but was never really given much attention. Involved in this horrendous injustice is a former senate president.

The case sits idle as far as I can recall. I am not sure of its status now. This case is important as this is not the first time this politician took away lands from lowly citizens for his own benefit. I hope that anyone out there can share with us more information about this case. This could unmask the truth behind this person or company.

At the moment, I await the pertinent documents linked to this issue. I hope that in the next few days, I will be able to share with you the details of this case. At any rate, if there is someone who can provide additional information regarding this matter, please share it with the rest of the country.