Monday, December 07, 2009

GMA's Rebellion

The spin doctors are now in the process of covering Gloria's monstrosity. In the 9 years of her terroristic reign, the Amapatuans enjoyed the blessings she bestowed on the clan. Evidence of this is her EO which gave legitimacy to the Ampatuan's private army and the cache of arms found by the PNP and AFP. The Ampatuans gave her a solid hold not only in the ARMM but in Mindanao as well.

GMA's ass is on the line here. Pressed into taking action against her loyal warlord, GMA's martial law proclamation is an attempt to cover the root of this problem. Had she not given the Ampatuans free rein in Maguindanao, the culture of impunity and terror would not have gone unabated. She alone had the power to allow and disallow this situation to worsen. The way I see it, she is responsible for the lawlessness in Maguindanao. Her minions in congress are also to blame. If political dynasty-ism was disallowed, the Ampatuans would not have turned Maguindanao into their own little kingdom.

Gloria by her inaction in Maguindanao is guilty of rebellion. She armed the Amapatuans. The Dept. fo Defense, the AFP and the PNP aided the Amapatuans in building a force of their own. They are all rebels by allowing a private person to build his own army. The proliferation of these armed groups such that of the Amapatuans is to blamed on GMA. Her political debt to all warlords is the cause of all these terror. Now that the Amaptuans horns have grown too long, and with evidences pointing to Gloria, the most prudent way to cover up her crime is to declare martial law.

With martial law in place, they can now keep all evidence away from the public eye. They can hide behind the cloak of national security. How many times have we seen this during her presidency? If the Maguindanao massacre did not happen, will she exhaust all her powers to extinguish these private armies? I don't think so. She will let them roam freely and continue to terrorize their constituents into submission. Thanks to Gloria, what started as a clash of political clans has now turned into a perceived rebellion. EO 546 legitimized a monstrosity. It gave the Amaptuans the power to create an army of their own. GMA started a rebellion. She is to blame for this mess.