Thursday, December 10, 2009

The National Kennel

I sat, watched and listened to the joint session on the Maguindanao Martial Law. I missed my favorite shows and even missed most of my 23rd wedding anniversary to listen to Gloria's stray dogs try to justify her proclamation of martial law and to redefine what rebellion is. It's mind-boggling how Gloria and her advisers conjured a scenario wherein they claim there is imminent or virtual rebellion in Maguindanao.

Last time I checked, the AFP and PNP were able to secure search warrants and even manage to confiscate weapons. The whole scenario reminded me of how the US relied on a single witness and eventually wage war against Iraq. Unfortunately, Filipinos are not as scared as Americans are. We being very distrustful of our government did not take the proclamation hook, line and sinker. We raised questions and to some extent see through what Gloria and allies are trying to do.

Let me pose a question that's been bugging me after hearing how the resource persons replied to questions asked yesterday. Is there such a thing as preventive martial law? That is how I view Gloria's proclamation. I did not see public uprising nor people declaring a separatist state. I did not see widespread violence or lawlessness. What I saw was a government negotiating with an ally. What I saw Gloria's monster having arms supplied by the government. What I saw were huge palaces in the midst of poverty.

So what's there to discuss in the national kennel? Obviously, nothing. The pack of stray dogs headed by its alpha male Nogiboy, has made up its mind. They will not revoke Gloria's martial law. Perhaps they are afraid that their private armies will be the next one to be dismantled. Who wouldn't be afraid of NPA sparrows and political rivals. So dogs do have guard dogs as well. If for some miracle the congress decides to overturn GMA, it would the first time the national kennel would show independence. Perhaps some of them are afraid of the repercussions their stand could have on their re=election.

So the Zarzuela continues today. Grandstanding will be the norm and same questions will be asked and answered. I hope they cut this stupidity short and get down to voting. The senate will just be overrun by the dogs in the lower house. Let's not prolong the inevitable. We already know the outcome. If you ask me, I'd close down the national kennel and put these stray dogs to sleep. They've been running amuck since Gloria took power.