Saturday, December 05, 2009


As I got back, I was greeted by the news that Maguindanao is under martial law. Whoa! What for? Are the Ampatuans that powerful that Gloria had to declare martial law? What I interpreted as a case of crime has been turned into a national security situation. The AFP and the PNP had enough resources to arrest the perpetrators of the Ampatuan Massacre. So on the 13th day since the horrendous crime where 57 innocent lives were snuffed out, Gloria made an adlib to make the script more palatable for public consumption.

The security forces with their immense firepower and armor could have arrested the entire Amaptuan clan from the get go without the palace's theatrics. Sure the added dramatics have convinced the majority of the populace that what Gloria did was justified. That was after the AFP unearthed a weapon's cache that could lead to the doorstep of Malacañan. Gloria's EO which gave the Ampatuans the authority to create their private army have blown up in Gloria's face. The Magdalos were right all along. Gloria has been coddling terrorists.

So Gloria Bin Laden had no option but to cut the Ampatuans head. They had to do damage control now than wait for more evidence that this administration is nothing but a terrorist organization. Is Gloria trying out an experiment that Marcos failed to successfully complete? This latest action of the government could well be a sign of things to come. If congress allows this declaration to continue, this could be done elsewhere in the guise of private army neutralization.

I do not buy the claim that the courts have seized to function as the Ampatuans were able to secure a Writ of Amparo. Does this mean that the Ampatuans are more powerful than the government? The chef of this very bad tasting dish may have overcooked it. You see, in Gloria's kitchen, some very exotic foods have been rolled out before. Her allies may cry foul again. They may even call it a case of "damn if you do, damn if you don't". But one thing is obvious here. They want us to believe that she is tough even to her allies. She wants us to believe that justice will be served. What I see is that Gloria is to contain the damage the massacre has done to her already tarnished image. She needs to improve her approval ratings.

Yeah I'm glad the Ampatuans will finally face the music. What disappoints me is that the bigger fish, the evil behind the culture of impunity and violence is free and is seeking a lower office. Warlord-ism my ass. It's a gang whose leader sits in the highest office of the land.