Friday, December 11, 2009


The Comelec first made morality an issue with the Ang Ladlad partylist. Now it veers away from its morality to hand down a staggering 12,000 page resolution that could cost Gov. Grace Padaca her governorship. Is is a case of hypocrisy or an injustice to the Isabela electorate? How can a morally upright(?) institution render such a preposterous decision. With only five days to reply, Gov. Padaca and her volunteers will not be able to comb through the voluminous paperwork. The Comelec says that one person filled out 18,000 ballots to give Gov. Padaca the gubernatorial seat. Even presidential election lawyer, Romy Macalintal found the resolution incredulous.

Perhaps the Comelec thinks that that one person can help Gov. Padaca sift through these 12,000 pages. I also find it hard to accept the Dy's claim that Gov. Padaca and he armed group terrorized the electorate into voting her in office. How stupid can these people be? A frail paraplegic going up against an entrenched powerful political clan and winning is an inspiring feat! Are we made to believe that the Dys are weak? I suppose the people of Isabela wanted change. We all know who the warlords of Luzon are.

Are we to believe the Comelec is credible? This shows how weak our institutions are. How the honest and innocent employees of the Comelec are dragged down by a handful of cheats. These "package deals" in the Comelec should stop. We cannot accept and should not tolerate this kind of injustice. It is not our local leaders who suffer, it is us their constituents. The operators in the Comelec has not lost their touch. This brazen act is no different from the gruesome massacre in Amaptuan. I believe the 2nd Division which rendered this decision should be held accountable by the next administration. They are a disgrace to the commission and to the honest employees of the Comelec.

The culture of impunity and corruption continues. There is no institution we can trust. Even those tasked to protect are votes can be bought. Even if we vote for good leaders, our will can be subverted by these crooks in the Comelec. Automation or not, it's the people who lead this commission who decides who can sit or not. At the end of the end, the Comelec can be bought. With the right price and the right "package deal", the rich influential trapos will continue to rule the land.