Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Its All About Musa And The Maguindanaoans

As Arbet Bernardo and I exchanged text messages, the subject of Maguindanao cropped up. He asked me why Migz Zubiri had been the subject of my posts lately. You may have noticed that since the Maguindanao polls were contested, I have been "passionately expressing my views" on the issue. No, I am not harping nor ranting. I am merely pointing out what is at stake and why we all should be focused on Maguindanao.

We shouldn't be complacent about the issue. The brazeness of the cheating is just too much to pass. When people are subjected to intimidation and threat, we should take notice. The blatant display of raw power by the few is ruining the image of an entire people. Patsada Karajaw points out why fraud continues in Maguindanao (Postscripts of Maguindanao Polls). Its sad that perception against a people is actually because of a few corrupt and powerful individuals. Add the willingness of Migz Zubiri to be a benificiary of fraud and you will see the complete picture.

Arbet says its impossible for Migz to simply give up, I must agree with him on this one. Patsada (Migz Should Stop His Theatrics and The Zubiri Doctrine) clearly points this out and so does my previous posts. For someone who claims to be a son of Mindanao, he should be the first to defend the much maligned people of Maguindanao. He should be the first one to have the scandal investigated. To allow the people to suffer for him to get the final senate seat is downright criminal.

Musa Dimadsidsing and the missing two other witnesses have opened the eyes of the nation of what is happening in Maguindanao. The exploitation they have to endure is just too much to disregard. I been focusing on this issue as I do not want the people of Maguindanao to suffer. They should stand proud as Musa and the other witnesses have shown the rest of the country that Maguindanao is not a land of cheats.

The powerful who continue to threaten them should be made accountable. They have no other choice as the gun is mightier than the pen. Afraid of reprisal, they are forced to be pawns in the deadly game of electoral fraud. These people have suffered enough humiliation. Its high time the rest of us defend them. The likes of Bedol and the Ampatuans have no place in a democracy.

We all should rally behind the oppressed people of Maguindanao and the witnesses who gave up their lives to change the system. Let us not allow their sacrifices go to waste. They have opened our eyes to what is really happening in Maguindanao. Let us prove the cheats wrong. Its time to say enough is enough and that we will not be apathetic to the plight of Maguindanao.

Maguindanao is a microcosm of what is happening in our society. The international community will soon brand us a country of cheats. We are better than Gloria and her ilk. Its time to make a stand.