Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Mutant Lower House

I may have viewed the Moro-moro between Lakas and Kampi in a different perspective. But as things come into play, I may have to agree with Manuel Buencamino, its a staged fight ala WWE. Gloria is about to make a political coup. From the looks of it, she might just pull it off.

What is at stake is not the speakership but the house minority post. Wouldn't it be dandy should Lakas get the majority and Kampi the minority? Fantastic isn't it. Now the opposition can be eased out of the picture. Sure the committee positions are at stake but it will be divided among thieves.

This is the time when we actually wish we had a two-party system. With the coalition getting both the majority and minority, they will get the control of the entire lower house and the treasure chest as well. This will turn the lower house (as if wasn't) into an abomination.

Gloria would be laughing at the opposition should this happen. Imagine the immense power the administration will wield. De Venecia will be kept happy and her Kampi henchmen as well. Now they can raid the country blind. To control both majority and minority is quite a feat. GMA's political advisers may have put one over the people. As they always say, numbers matters.

Scary isn't it. Now they will push their Cha-Cha agenda. Term extensions are being dangled once again. Heck, they may commit to a constitutional convention to make it appear credible. With the COMELEC's perfecting the art of making something incredulous to credible, who could stop them from getting the votes? The "ZOMBIES" of Singaw ng Bayan will rise again to pester us with their signature campaign. With the control of the lower house, they can now make an enabling law to aid their Cha-Cha bid.

One Voice and the Black and White Movement will definitely have their hands full. Will the people this time around bring in the numbers to prevent a catastrophe? I hope they do or we're all dead meat.