Monday, June 04, 2007

My Growing Family

I have been looking forward to meeting Manilenya and Sasha. I got a bonus and got to meet Bro.Vince, Kneeko and Master Betong too. We had a late lunch at Gerry's Grill yesterday. Melai (Manilenya) and Sasha fondly calls me Tatay which I appreciate very much. Now I have three more wonderful "kids" to add to my growing family. My good friend, Arbet was there too.

I had a wonderful afternoon with them and it was a despedida of sorts as Melai will soon leave for her new home, Canada. We had loads of fun exchanging stories and ideas. It was a fruitful and enlightening discussion which left me wishing for more time with them. Of course we too discussed the "juicier" side of blogging with Arbet revealing some secrets and Betong and Sasha explaining to us how blogging can earn you some dough.

I have never seen such a wonderful group. They were so vibrant and Kneeko just kept shooting pictures of us in candid(?) poses. Its my second time to attend an Eye Ball which allowed to finally meet the people behind the blogs. I really enjoyed it and I'm now looking forward to the next one which I hope will be bigger.

To my newfound children, thanks for the great time. And to my "panganay", Melai, have a safe trip anak, our prayers are with you.