Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is Migz Worth His Weight In Gold?

Is Migz worth his weight in gold? This the one centavo question that's bugging me. As we wait in total disbelief of who Abalos and his gang of thieves will proclaim, many of us wonders why GMA is hanging on to Migz. This Moro-Moro is doing Gloria a great deal of harm. It continues to push her to the wall.

Even with Migz in the senate, the opposition will still have the majority. For whatever reason GMA has or for what purpose, Migz has become a heavy baggage. The administration will not gain anything with Migz around. His win will highlight the massive and concerted fraud the COMELEC and the administration undertook. The fiasco is so glaring that it dwarfs the Hello Garci.

Now GMA wants the media's support for her remaining illegitimate years in office. Her call to move on will definitely fall on deaf ears. I am sure that the blatant display of arrogance and impunity may even accelerate her demise. Sen. Trillanes's calls on every decent Filipino to rally behind Koko Pimentel. Its not just about the administration or the opposition anymore, its about the people's will. A proclamation of Zubiri is downright criminal with all that's coming out. It exemplifies pure lust for power and getting it at whatever cost.

The administration is clearly on the defensive. The continued insistence of Abalos to force the Migz issue only pushes them down in the quagmire. What does Migz have that warrants such unrelenting support from GMA? I really do not have any idea. He's not even good as an administration poster boy. If GMA wants to ram Zubiri down our throats, its her loss as the people are fed up with the way the COMELEC and the administration has been subverting the people's will.

The next few days will reveal how much this administration is willing to give up. Its highly unpopular now and to go into another scandal bigger than Garci would be disastrous. With witnesses missing but others taking their place, fear is the least of our worries. The blatant display of power has touched the senses of even those who were silently watching in the sidelines. The people I know who openly supported the administration last May are now disgusted with Gloria.

The cheating is so obvious. Gloria, if she still wants to keep the support of those who believe in her should now step in. She should talk some sense into Zubiri's head.
Like I said, her last three years will be the ride of her life. With Migz, it will even be wilder. Her negative ratings will definitely hit rock-bottom. She's now a lame duck and this latest scandal would make her a dead duck. The ball's in her court, her decision could make or break her.

Is Migz really worth fighting for? Is he worth her political life? Decency, its all about decency. Let's see if GMA will finally make a decisive move. Its her call now.