Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stick To The Script!

As expected, Abalos went to Maguindanao to try an convince us that what was presented to him by election officals are authentic CoCs. Yes their authentic alright, authentic fabricated Cocs. He is definitely sticking to the script. He will not deviate from what has been agreed upon, TU would win by landscape, este, landslide pala in Maguindanao.

As expected, Abalos did not try to look into the contents of the ballot boxes. He did not bother to as the truth might come out. He contented himself with what was presented to him despite being the incorrect set of Cocs. Nice job of investigating a crime. It was "fixed" all along. It was a Moro-Moro after all. Abalos wasted time and money to make it appear that everything is in order.

He would not have any of the suggestions of the teachers to open the ballot boxes. Koko Pimentel and the people are screwed. Screwed and defrauded! Now the spoiled brat, Migz Zubiri has a lot to smile about. Abalos will canvass the manufactured Cocs and declare him the winner.

While Koko has now elevated his plight to the Supreme court, the opposition is contemplating of impeaching Abalos. The IBP also reported that employees of the National Printing Office said that ballot boxes from Maguindanao were sent to their office a day after the May 14 elections. Migz advices Koko to keep cool and file a protest before the senate tribunal instead. Migz adds that they will never succeed in impeaching Abalos as the opposition does not have the numbers. Yes, I forgot that everything is a numbers game, never mind what is moral and just. What a whimp! No wonder he refuses to concede despite obviously benefiting from "Dagdag-Bawas" and manufactured CoCs. Everything has been set a long time ago, they just want it to be dramatic.

See, I told you so. Migz, just like his queen is an unprincipled, immoral brat. He will accept a win whatever the cost may be. He will strut his way to victory as Abalos and his gang of electoral thieves will stick to the script. Its all been settled long before any witness nor protest came out. All this time, everything was just for show. Bedol, the stolen election documents, the staged hearings and the phony investigation, they're all part of the play. Musa Dimasidsing and the missing witnesses were inconsequential extras in this electoral play.

They will get away with it and soon Migz will tell everyone to just move on. I hope one of his kids will not be the one to pay for his misbehavior. I'm sure just like Abalos and Joe deV, he will just simply shrug it off for they belong to that breed of immoral immortals who believe that they account to no one not even to God.

What a show the COMELEC and Team Unity put for us. The script though riddled with absurdities must be followed and believed by everyone. The cheats must stay the course and see it to the very end. I am sure, the COMELEC and TU will force this issue upon us. They couldn't care less if much blood is spilled. Nor would it make any difference if the people protest. They are in power and will continue to wield it to their heart's content.

Questions will be left unanswered again. Why didn't Abalos look in the ballot boxes? Why did he stand by what was presented to him? Why did he not hold Bedol accountable for what happened in Maguindanao? Why were the copies of CoCs which were supposed to be supplied to the opposition and the watchdogs never given to them? Why were watchers and watchdogs never allowed to witness the canvassing? Why did TU despite their claims never presented the documents pointing to a sweep? The answers were before Abalos's eyes and yet did not dig deeper. I am sure he will once again make an absurd statement. He will again hide behind a veil of technicality to save his scaly skin. Abalos will definitely finish his term and will be judged by history unless God has other plans for him.

As for Migz Zubiri, his kind can sleep soundly at night for he has no conscience. He can look you straight in the eye and lie through his teeth. Hell, he can even tell you that the people actually voted for him. I wonder how many really did vote for this arrogant brat? He will ascend to the senate and will forever be called the Senator of Maguindanao.

As for Bedol, he can do a Garci or may be promoted again. In the end, the cheating conspirators will stick to the script. Its all about the script and the culture of impunity that pervades in our country. They will dictate what we must believe and dismiss. Musa Dimasidsing, I hope will not fade into the sunset but be the beacon of hope for honesty and integrity.