Thursday, June 07, 2007

Veiled Threat?

Ricky Carandang's one on one with Joe de Venecia revealed that JdV is still a force to reckon with. While expressing support for GMA he added that he would like an independent congress. A congress that will exercise its mandate of checks and balance. As if JdV just issued a veiled threat and that he cannot be pushed around. What started it all was Luis Villafuerte's backing of Pablo Gracia's bid to contest the speakership of the house.

Previously, Villafuerte blasted JdV for mishandling the Cha-Cha bid. I have discussed the rift between GMA's Kampi Party and JdV's Lakas. The cannibalism that transpired before the elections had put a dent on the coalition. While to most this would seem like plain theatrics for Kampi to lasso the juicy committee leaderships, I however see this as an attempt to wrest the power from JdV.

Kampi however failed to get enough of its members elected to the house and Lakas has maintained the majority. To ease JdV out will be a tough undertaking. I'm sure that despite the unpopularity of JdV to the opposition, its members wouldn't want party-mates of GMA to get the speakership. GMA will be more powerful should her party win the speakership.

Despite Gloria expressing her support for De Venecia, I'm quite sure JdV knows too well that she can easily turn her back on him. I suppose that his vision of an independent house will derail any attempt to unseat him. Villafuerte should not push his luck too far. He might just be the cause of GMA's demise. JdV is too wily to lose his position.

I would like to see how this zarzuela will end. Unless GMA wants to get impeached, maintaining the staus quo in the house will somehow ease the pressures the opposition has been exerting on her. She is not about to gamble her survival just to please her party. To maintain a "healthy" relationship with Lakas is the key to preventing an impeachment from taking place.

Malacañang failed in its bid to gain majority of the house, so was its plan to get bogus party-lists elected. As I expected, Pablo Garcia is now saying that JdV is using the impeachment as the ace up his sleeve. Now Kampi cries foul. They should have known better than to push JdV's back against the wall. With Gloria "hostaged", she is now more than ever ripe for the picking. Any move to unseat JdV will really cost her political life.

So who says now that all these is just a show to get juicy positions? The Sword of Damocles hangs above the head of the bogus incumbent. I'm grinning from ear to ear and can only imagine how she squirms in her seat. With teeth gnashing, she is nothing but a whimp and her lust for power is all to blame. Let's see you escape this one your highness(?). You thought all the while that your party, Kampi is indestructible. You lost the races madam and your party's been whipped.

No wonder she's continent-hopping, probably to forget the mess she got herself into. Hehehe, the wily old fox outwitted you. serves you right for being too greedy as someone is definitely greedier.