Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The New Praetorians?

Is the Armed Forces of the Philippines the new order? Its not only their doctrine that's been twisted, even the way they view themselves as the LAW. The way their leaders conduct themselves is a mockery of the hierarchy of the bureaucracy and society. Under Hermogenes Esperon, the military has become untouchable (at least those who view GMA and Esperon as their masters). They dictate what we civilians can do and what the military can do.

The resurgence of militarization is very evident in this administration. The military has been given a freehand on how it conducts its operations whether it violates civil liberties or not. Retired officers close to the incumbent is being appointed to juicy positions in the bureaucracy. The military acts with impunity and totally disregards the rule of the land.

As of late, Esperon said that no senate nor judiciary can compel him to act. He sticks by the chain of command. See how twisted their interpretation can be? He also said that what he follows are the articles of war and also points out that civilian rule is not always supreme. With this kind of attitude, the judiciary and congress should put him in his proper place. He and his ilk are not above the law.

If he thinks he can twist the arms of prctically anybody, he is in for a big surprise. He is obviously abusing his authority. I'd like to see him squirm when congress decides to screw him. The congress holds the purse of the military not him. Its going to be sad for the rest of the AFP who truly serves the people. They will be caught in the middle of a power struggle just because of an arrogant but definitely scared nitwit thinks he is a god.

I'm also very sure that Esperon cannot launch a power grab as there are still decent soldiers out there that will disobey him. The congratulatory statement of the 3rd Infantry Division to Sen. Antonio Trillanes and the survey the AFP conducted after the elections shows that a huge segment of the military recognizes/respects the civilian mandate and its supremacy over the military. This only proves that a vast majority of the men in uniform are apolitical and adheres to the constitution.

Esperon should stop issuing statements which would only put him in a tight spot. The decent majority in the military institution though silent, I am sure will not be forced to follow a crooked chain of command such as what the AFP now has. Esperon and his henchmen may consider themselves as the new Praetorians but the arrogance they display could very well put an abrupt end to their despicable reign.

The men in the field have spoken and it has sent shivers down the spine(?) of those in power. The chain of command has shown its weakness. Decency, integrity and genuine love for the country still holds true for most of the men in uniform. Their exploiters better beware as they have manifested that they are on the side of the people. They have displayed their might and Esperon and GMA should take heed of the telling signs that these men in uniform had sent.