Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Spoiled Brat Called Migz

A pathetic and callous Migz Zubiri lauds the COMELEC's decision not to declare a failure of elections in Maguindanao. This supposed to be principled spoiled brat has been claiming victory for several weeks now. I'm sure they know the fight for the last seat in the senate will go down the wire and to cheat is the only recourse.

This brat now accuses the opposition of peddling lies about the elections in Maguindanao. He even is so insensitive to insinuate that witnesses were floated to discredit the polls there. He is banking on Maguindanao to give him the win. But an exclusive by ANC on a certain Nasser (a colleague of alias Bai, the teacher who first reported that no elections took place in the province) reports that Abalos should open and scrutinize the contents of ballot boxes which will unmask the massive electoral fraud in the province. This is the only way for Abalos to get to the bottom of things. Nasser claims that the ballots will reveal how the results were manipulated as thumbmarks and penmanship will reveal the truth. Nasser also adds that what happened in this election is no different from what transpired in the 2004 presidential elections.

Just like in 2004, they were given a list to copy, such is also the case in this election. Back in 2004, they were ordered to give all votes to GMA and Noli and nothing to FPJ and Loren. The administration also relied on Maguindanao to deliver the votes for TU, but the vigikant electorate and honest teachers foiled their attempt to steal the elections and defraud the people.

Now the brat is ranting that the opposition is trying to disenfranchise the voters. If we follow Nasser's assertions, there were actually no elections. And the voters Migz is talking about are non-existent as documents were fabricated to give the TU a sweep. I am sure he knows of the cheating that transpired and what got his goat is that despite the cheating, Koko still leads him in the senatorial race.

Maguindanao is his last hope. The COMELEC may favor him but the documents might not. In the end, evidence might be too great that the COMELEC will have no choice but to proclaim Koko Pimentel as the twelfth senator. I'm hoping this would happen only to prove that Maguindanaoans are not cheaters. Musa Dimasidsing did not give up his life just to be called a player in a conspiracy. The spoiled brat, Migz should not insinuate that a conspiracy to steal his votes was cooked up by the witnesses and the opposition. If a conspiracy exists, its to conspire to make the elections credible and clean.

Musa Dimasidsing died because of his conviction. He only wanted to put a stop to the culture of cheating and exploitation in the province of Maguindanao. It was improper and insensitive for Migz to malign the good memory of a man who fought for change. It only showed what Migz is made of. Just like his master in the palace, he shifts the blame to someone else. He would rather accuse a man who clearly belongs to a different league. His claims of a conspiracy is so absurd that even scriptwriters wouldn't dare come up with one. But of course, he can always stoop low just to justify his rantings.

Only spoiled brats never accept "genuine" defeat. They would rather win at all cost than play fair. By hook or by crook is their motto and their creed, if you can't beat them, cheat them. This is what the administration wanted. The national election is what was more important to them after all. A national defeat only shows the sentiments of a nation.

I am disgusted by Zubiri's assertions and accusations. I am appalled by his conduct. He has shown his true color, the color of greed. He will not succeed in dishonoring Musa. He may have the money but lacks the moral integrity Musa Dimasidsing possessed.