Monday, June 04, 2007

Learning The Hard Way: Pacman's Misadventure

A report by ABS-CBN says that the people's champ, Manny Pacquiao has withdrawn all his money from a bank. Audits revealed that he spent a little over P140 million for his bid at a congressional seat. The report also said that his political backers never reimbursed his expenses reneging on their previous agreement. Attempts by the Pacman to reach his backers were all futile. They dropped him like a hot potato when it became apparent that Darlene Antonino Custodio was going to trounce him in their hometown of General Santos.

Manny should have known better than listen to these opportunists. He grew too big for himself that he truly believed that his popularity will give him the win. Now that he learned his lesson the hard way, I hope he would be more discerning next time. Political operators and their ilk are made of steel. They never care and think only of how much money they'll make or how they can get more power. Manny should have listened to his mother who advised him not to enter politics.
He now realized that there are people out there who will take advantage of him to advance their political ambitions. I now wonder where this experience will take him. But this was all his fault. Naive/arrogant as he may be, he should have taken into consideration his limitations. He may still recover from this debacle and lift himself up again. He can still pick up the fragments of his shattered ego. He has done this in the past.

So now that reality has struck him down to size, he should focus on his real career, boxing. Those who manipulated him will face the consequences somehow, someday. We all know who they are even if they deny it. The people of GenSan showed how important Manny is to them and they delivered him from the jaws of certain death. He should be thankful that he only lost some of his riches and not his career altogether. He can always earn what he lost in the elections.

To serve the people is not the only consideration. One has to always bear in mind his limitations. Manny can still serve the people in his own capacity. One need not have to be in an elected position to serve. Who knows, he may even win in the future. But for now, let's hope he sticks to what's his forte is, boxing.