Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Running Of The Bulls

We're not in Pamplona, Spain, but the way the NBC wants to ram the canvassing down are dried up throats, it looks more like a stampede. The "herd" of COMELEC commissioners is going to run us down. Their mighty gavels dictate what is and what is not in order, trampling all those who stand in its path. Some may call it railroading but to me, its as if all hell has broken loose and the day belongs to the thieves.

After the elections, Lintang Bedol presented CoCs showing that Team Unity massacred the Genuine Opposition in Maguindanao with a 12-0 win. Canvassing showed Chavit Singson getting the top spot. The CoCs were questioned by opposition lawyers and Bedol was asked to present supporting documents.

What was supposed to be a simple task turned into a game of cat and mouse. Bedol dropped out of sight and Task Force Maguindanao was created. Sarmiento was sent to investigate allegations of cheating but was caught by intrepid reporter, Ricky Carandang with his pants down. Abalos wanted to declare a failure of elections but decided otherwise as local winners were proclaimed.

Sarmiento feigned illness and was replaced by Nicodemo Ferrer. BEIs were asked to present documents to prove that elections took place and provide a basis to canvass the Maguindanao votes. The BEIs did come out and presented copies of Copy No. 2. This are the tally sheets posted on boards to show the results of the canvassing. Lo and behold, the documents now show Migz Zubiri as the topnotcher. Other pertinent documents were declared by Bedol to have been stolen. The TU who claims they have proof of their win never even showed their copies of the canvassed votes. How convenient.

A special canvass was conducted but the Special Board of Canvassers promptly declared all documents to be authentic and never gave the opposition lawyers the chance to question them. As expected, the copies were sent to Manila to be canvassed by the NBC. After Koko Pimentel failed to get a TRO to stop the canvassing, the NBC last Friday started to canvass the Maguindanao votes. Opposition lawyer Laila Delima tried to question the documents and was declared out of order with Ferrer threatening to "eject" her from the proceedings with the aid of security.

Migz can now sleep soundly. Abalos and his henchmen have done their job. They have succeeded in disenfranchising the voters of Maguindanao. The COMELEC was able to delay the canvass and give enough time for the cheats in Maguindano to "manufacture authentic documents" to finally put Koko out of his misery. Come Monday, the "bulls" will do their final run and proclaim the Senator of Maguindanao, the 12th senator.

It was not Garci after all, a higher figure was calling the shots in 2004. The big, bad bull was the chairman himself. He was always in the background conducting the orchestra. This elections was no different, he directed and played out the script. He talks of delicadeza when in fact he has none. The head honcho although hated, will come out of this theft unscathed and sporting a wide smile. His master will be very pleased as the poster boy of the enchanted kingdom will finally take his senate seat.

Koko, I am sure will be raring for a fight, but the "bulls" will gore him this time. He can still win as evidences so glaring cannot simply be dismissed. But it will take more time and more money. It could take the whole three years and could be declared the winner after all on the last day of session. So like his father, Nene Pimentel, he had been robbed in broad daylight. The impunity by which the COMELEC mocked the essence of democracy is just so appalling. They have managed to bring down democracy to its knees.

But like the bulls of Pamplona, the COMELEC will surely suffer the same fate. They will be be slaughtered in an arena, made to be examples of how man is far superior to beasts. Spectators will roar and cheer on the matadors that will stab them to death. Pray hard mister commissioners, the people will not be kind to you. You will be humiliated and forever be condemned for the absurdities you have committed.

Musa Dimasidsing will spit on you from heaven and will happily watch you squirm to your deaths. Karma will judge you unkindly and will mete you the punishment you deserve. So enjoy the what you have now, if not us, He who lords over us all will give you the spanking of your life.